31 Days Of Awesome: FORA-Approved Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List


This December we’re ushering out 2015 in a new way. Join us as we count down 31 Days Of Awesome and give you something new to do, see, make, eat, or buy every day in December. Today, we’re enlisting MTV FORA to help all you last-minute shoppers who are STILL stumped on what to get everyone on your Christmas list.

Check out these handy gift guides for everyone who made your nice list this year, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood FORA!

For Your BFF
Nothing says loyalty like a 6God phone case, luxury bath products or a pair of sweaters that read “Best Bitches”. For these items and more, check out the BFF gift guide here.


For Your Boyfriend
“Presents are the best way to show somneone how much you care,” Michael Scott of The Office once said. “It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars-worth.” Show your bae how much you love them with these snazzy gifts on the 4URBAE gift guide.


For The Wellness Obsessed
For everyone on your list obsessed with bettering themselves inside and out, consult this gift guide filled with luxurious lifestyle products.


For The Makeup Obsessed
There’s a high probability that there’s someone in your life who spends too time watching YouTube tutorials and spends too much money at Sephora. Here’s what to buy them.


For The Health Nut
For your one friend who is certified FitFam, spends most of their free time trying to surpass their latest PB and who is never seen NOT shaking a bottle of protein, here’s everything s/he wants.


For Mom
What to get for the woman who gave/gives you everything, including the gift of life? Wine and wool. More ideas here.