31 Days Of Holiday Awesome: New Year’s Eve Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep In 2016


We’re only a few hours away from a new year and that means we still have a few hours to make our resolutions and prepare to YOLO our way through 2016.

New Year’s resolutions can simply be lip service paid to things we should all do (eat healthy, exercise more, not bail on plans to sit on the couch for 24 hours straight), but making your goals too vague or too ambitious can be setting yourself up for failure and end in zero new accomplishments.

When making your 2016 resolutions, think of what you really want to accomplish in the New Year and make your goals and steps realistic. And fun. Don’t forget to make them fun.

Here are a few suggestions for New Year’s resolutions you can actually keep.

Make One New Meal Every Week

We all know that eating healthy is important, but if your dream night doesn’t involve two hours in the kitchen, then preparing your own food can feel like a never-ending chore. Instead, try an attainable goal, like making one new meal every week. If it stinks, you can go back to cereal the next night.


Break Down Your Work Out Goals

Come January 1, the gyms across the world will be packed with people full of Eggnog regrets. Keep your fitness goals going all year long by breaking them down into achievable quarters. Want to run 5 km or 50 km this summer? Give yourself milestones to reach along the way. Think you’d like to give yoga a shot and be able to touch your toes by 2017? Try yoga classes in studio or online to find out how to reach your goal (and toes). Working out is always more fun and less frustrating with a friend, coach, or instructor to help you along the way.


Find A New Favourite Show

Yes, resolutions can be fun! Find a new favourite show this year and lol your way through 2016. We suggest Idiotsitter, Benders and Gigi Does It, three new Much series premiering in January and February.


Try Something New (Music Edition)

Hate country music? Can’t stand EDM? Would rather stick your fingers in your ears than listen to pop music? Maybe you’re just not listening to the right musician. Try a new genre or artist outside your headphone comfort zone. You may like it!


Travelling can be expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Jump on the bus or train and check out a new city or town nearby that you’ve never visited. Or, be a tourist in your own city and take a tour. There’s a good chance where you live is full of cool spots you may have never visited.


Support Canadian Artists

From filmmakers to writers to comedians to visual artists to musicians, Canada is bursting at the seems with artistic talent. Sometimes we forget to look past Hollywood to find our new favourite artist and miss the amazing entertainers in our own backyard. Check out the Comedy Network for up and coming comedians, the Much music section for awesome bands and singers, and the Much Digital Creators for hilarious, educational, and insightful online personalities.

Read A Book

We’re not saying go Rory Gilmore on 2016 and try to cover the 100 greatest novels ever written. Just try taking a few minutes away from your social media consumption every day and replace it with a novel. SMRT 2016!


Learn A Dance

Learn to Whip, Nae Nae, or even try out a full routine! Dancing is great exercise and you never know when you may need to bust out some moves. Winter Wedding Season Is Coming.

Do Something Nice

New Year’s resolutions often involve something philanthropic and that’s awesome, but don’t forget that little acts of kindness are also important and less intimidating and therefore more achievable and likely to be followed through on. Donating your time to a local shelter is awesome, but during weeks where you find your schedule not allowing for volunteer hours, try small acts of kindness. Give up your seat on the bus. Send the cleaning staff at your school a card thanking them for making sure you have a safe space to learn. Invite someone sitting on their own during lunch to eat with you. Small acts of kindness can often have big impacts that we may not even see.

Something nice