5 Celebrities You Need To Subscribe To On YouTube Now


Tue, August, 11 by


In the age of the internet, YouTube has generated a lot of stars in its decade-long existence. Amateur YouTubers have become super successful celebrities in their own rights, some even earning millions of dollars from their self-produced video clips. But YouTube is not just a playground for up-and-coming stars, it’s also a place where already-established celebrities have flocked to in order to post their own original content. Take a look below at five celebs who have joined the YouTube world.

Karlie Kloss
Supermodel/Taylor Swift bestie Karlie Kloss recently launched her very own YouTube channel called Klossy. Although she only has six videos up so far, they’re all worth watching. From behind-the-scene looks at her music video and magazine shoots to Q&A sessions, Karlie is adding her personal touch to each video, making us feel like we’re really getting to her know more and more with each clip!

Hayley Williams
The Paramore front woman is a big fan of makeup and is currently hosting a YouTube series for Popular TV called Kiss Off where she gets to play with different beauty looks in every episode. From recreating her fave movie looks to shopping for wigs, Hayley Williams is becoming one of our fave YouTube stars.

Amy Poehler
Feminist hero Amy Poehler launched Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls YouTube channel back in 2007 in order to feature creative women around the world. Amy doesn’t star in all of these videos, but she does occasionally do Q&A segments called “Ask Amy” and leave updates for subscribers. It is totally worth scrolling through these videos, though, to see some incredible videos of young women being their awesome selves in Google hangouts or “Amy Poehler’s Girls of the World” features. Plus, there’s a great conversation with Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana from two years ago, which you can watch below!

Rainn Wilson
In 2008, The Office star Rainn Wilson launched his very own YouTube channel called SoulPancake, which has since become a huge media and production company. The Webby Award-winning channel used to feature plenty of celebrity interviews conducted by Rainn himself in a series called “Metaphysical Milkshake”, but has since expanded to include videos by internet star, Kid President. The channel also strives to let you “speak your mind, unload your questions and figure out what it means to be human.”

Miley Cyrus
A few months ago, Miley Cyrus transformed her YouTube channel into a place for Happy Hippie Backyard Sessions. The videos, which help promote Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation that helps fight injustices facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations, have so far gotten millions of views and feature guest collaborations with Ariana Grande, Joan Jett and Laura Jane Grace. (For a throwback, you can check out Miley’s old YouTube channel The Miley And Mandy Show!!!!)