5 Dead Characters Who Would Totally Make Good Boyfriends

With only two sleeps until Halloween you may be looking for that perfect date to help you complete your DIY couple’s costume. Your Facebook list is a good place to start, but what about considering the less-than-living? Here are five film characters that show the undead can be good boyfriends too.

1. Casper, Casper the Friendly Ghost

When Kat and her father move into an old, haunted house, she becomes friends with a young ghost named Casper. Fitting in at school full of the living comes hard for Kat, but when she throws a Halloween party and invites the entire school body, her hot boyfriend aka Capser come to life makes her cool. Then he delivers her first kiss. Ugh, so sweet.

2. R, Warm Bodies

The zombie apocalypse has hit and Julie is forced by her father to go on missions to help kill the undead. Along the way, her boyfriend is killed and Julie is separated from her group, but she’s kept safe by zombie R. Sure, R may not be able to form a full sentence, or get a tan, and he totally ate Julie’s boyfriend’s brains…but that guy was kinda boring anyways. R kept Julie safe from zombies and even risked being killed (as much as a zombie can be killed) by her father when he snuck into the ‘human only’ zone. Their love brought R and the rest of the zombies back to life. Totally time to make it Facebook official.

3. Eric Draven, The Crow

After he and his fiancĂ© are killed, Eric Draven comes back to exact vengeance for their murderers. That’s some serious follow-through. He could have totally just chilled in the afterlife, but instead he’s intent on making sure someone pays for his girlfriend’s death. What a sweetie, amirite?

4. Sam, Ghost

Sam doesn’t let a pesky thing like getting killed stand in his way of prosecuting his murderers and supporting his wife. He even found Whoopi Goldberg to help. Wouldn’t you like a husband like that? Ditto.

5. Edward, The Twilight Series

Okay, okay, I know. Edward is s a vampire that acts possessive, is constantly on the verge of eating people, forces his 18 year-old girlfriend to get married, and then knocks her up with a fetus that almost kills her. But he’s been alive for over a hundred years and never sleeps, which means Edward can totally do all the housework and get you places super fast. Every relationship has sacrifices.