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5 Eco-Friendly Celebrity All Stars


Today’s Earth Day, and while you shouldn’t need a special day to shout out our beautiful planet, practice eco-friendly habits and recycle (to the extreme), it’s still nice to make today extra special. To celebrate, we’re spotlighting five celebs who you didn’t know were eco-friendly superstars.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Better known for not having any Academy Awards being a one-time Oscar winner, some might be surprised to know that Leo is low key a leader of the celebrity eco scene. He drives a hybrid car, has two units in an eco-friendly building in New York City and is a vegan. You might know the last tidbit of info from the many news stories that reported that Leo had to eat a raw bison liver for his role in The Revenant. Thank goodness he finally got that Oscar. Bonus green points for when he talked about climate change during his acceptance speech.

Natalie Portman


She’s been a vegetarian since her childhood and made the switch to a full vegan and animal-rights activist after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals in 2009. She did admit that she reverted back to vegetarianism during her pregnancy, but presently, she often cites her vegan diet as her secret to natural health and beauty.

Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow has been an outspoken advocate in the fight to end global warming, but she upped the ante when she made a comment about bathroom behaviour. According to Crow, the average person should only use one square of toilet paper per visit—two to three squares for those “pesky occasions”. Not buying water bottles is one thing, but one square?


Drew Barrymore


Drew has chosen a different focus for her eco-friendly crusade. In 2013, she launched Flower Beauty, an entirely eco-friendly makeup line. All the products use plant-based ingredients and are manufactured in the U.S. to reduce the pollution that comes with transporting and shipping.

Anne Hathaway


Though she publicly denounced her vegan diet, Anne is still dedicated to the environmentally-conscious cause. When she was married in 2012, she had a huge, green wedding complete with a vegan menu made with local and sustainable products.