5 Episodes Of Goosebumps That Haunt Us To This Day


If you grew up in the ’90s then you know Goosebumps was a) the hottest commodity in all elementary school libraries and b) the scariest show on television that still spooks us to this day, 20 years later. Just thinking about the neon green sludge falling from the top of the screen gives us the creeps.

In honor of its two-decade anniversary, we decided to count down the five scariest episodes of the entire series. Read on, if you dare…

Stay Out of the Basement

This episode was about a dad who tried to turn his entire family into plants by making them eat dark leafy greens. Kale lovers, beware.


Night of the Living Dummy

We’re pretty sure this arch in the Goosebumps storyline is to blame for every ’90s kid who has a legitimate fear of ventriloquist dolls. Slappy had the creepiest laugh and was terrifying. He was the predecessor to the Saw series’ Billy the Puppet.


Bride of Slappy

The only thing scarier than an evil ventriloquist dummy coming to life, was an evil ventriloquist dummy coming to life and finding a psycho girlfriend.


Say Cheese and Die

This episode had young Ryan Gosling and we love everything that RyGos is in. Basically in this episode, RyGos finds a haunted camera that takes pictures and foreshadows people’s death. This was in 1996, five years BEFORE Final Destination premiered.

young ryan gosling 3 goosebumps

The Haunted Mask

The Haunted Mask was also the pilot episode of the TV series. A horrifying Halloween costume gets stuck on the Carly Beth’s face and controls her personality. Literally the scariest thing that could ever happen in 1995 and also in 2015.


We also need to mention that the possessed dog in the opening credits with yellow euyes was extremely creepy and scared us every episode.