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5 Fictional Schools We Wish We Could Go To

school header

It’s the very last weekend of summer. While we can’t escape the reality of classes all day, we can still daydream about being somewhere else. If we learned anything from pop culture, we know that school can be fun — IF you’re enrolled at the right school. Here are the coolest schools we wish were real.

Pacific Coast Academy (Zoey 101)


School would be so much more fun if we had unlimited energy drinks and were allowed to ride around campus on mopeds with Zoey’s gang.

Breaker High


School goals: Go to school on a boat. Go to school with Ryan Gosling. Breaker High fulfills both of these requirements.

Third Street Elementary (Recess)


There’s more to this humble public school than meets the eye. On the playground, the community of students was a perfectly organized society and everyone had their role. We’d also love to be around the eccentric staff: The progressive Ms. Grotke,  softie-at-heart Principal Prickly and even the feared Finster.

Hogwarts (Harry Potter)


We want to go to school in a castle, fly around on brooms and hang out in the Forbidden Forest. We know you do too.

School of the 21st Century (Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century)


Nineties heroine Zenon lived in the year 2049 and went to school IN SPACE. While the reality of an interstellar school might be far away, we’ll be watching 1D’s Drag Me Down video on repeat in preparation.