5 Hilarious Commercials That Feature Random Celebrities


Sometimes having a celebrity as a spokesperson for a product drives sales for a company—it’s business 101. Athletes in a commercial for running shoes and models promoting a makeup line are things you’ve definitely seen before.

But what about those hilarious commercials that feature the most random, unrelated celebrities? Sometimes these types of ads make the best commercials and are actually a pleasure to watch (especially one of the most recent ones, like the one with Drake). With the Super Bowl airing this weekend, there’s sure to be a few wacky commercials with random celebrities. But in the meantime, check out our favourites below:

Lil Wayne and Apartments.com
If you’re anything like us here at MUCH, you’re probably left wondering why this commercial exists. What just happened? Was that George Washington? Was Lil Wayne really talking about bread? But most importantly, why was the rapper in a commercial about real estate? Either way, we are thoroughly amused and enjoyed this quirky commercial.

Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo and Snickers
This commercial is interesting in a few ways: the cinematography is brilliant because they combined original footage from the retro Brady Bunch show with newer video actually filmed this decade and they brought together two polar opposite actors. Interestingly enough, they used two actors as props to sit in place where the original Brady Bunch actors would be shown in the commercial, then digitally combined the original footage with what was filmed for the Snickers commercial. It looks like a case of past meets present. Clearly Marcia isn’t herself when she’s hungry!

Stephen Colbert and Wonderful Pistachios
This commercial is about a nut talking about nuts. Comedian Stephen Colbert gets a little bit nutty when doing this Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios last year. “They’re wonderful, I’m wonderful, they’ll sell themselves,” Colbert says, with a straight face. He may look serious but we’re laughing at how the commercial is framed on the premise that Wonderful Pistachios hired Colbert to drive sales – he says it right in the video! Well, it is the truth, we suppose.

Amy Poehler and Old Navy
Amy Poehler may not be known in the realm of fashion, but she does help sell great looks for less in this funny Old Navy commercial ad from 2014. She plays a snarky hostess at a swanky restaurant, who’ll only let a couple get a table if they give her their stylish jackets (from Old Navy). Poehler talks with a Valley-girl accent and even takes a selfie in this commercial; we love it.

Salt N’ Peppa and Geico Insurance
Push that insurance Salt N’ Peppa, push it real good. The duo was hot in the ’90s, but their song Push It is one of those songs everyone knows. Who’d have known that they’d be apart of an insurance commercial to air during the 2015 Super Bowl? They follow around people singing their hit song, even a woman and her partner doing pregnancy yoga (when she’s delivering her baby, Push It will probably be playing on repeat). It’s a strange pairing for advertising but it works well.

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CTV will be airing Super Bowl 50 live on Sunday February, 7 starting at 11 a.m. ET.