5 Music Videos You Need To Survive The School Year


With the first day of school slowly looming closer and closer, you might be in denial that the summer is over. You’ll shortly be returning to the dreary reality of school, friends and the drama that comes with it. But to help you cope, we’re showing you how easy it is to make it through the school year the best way we know how — with music videos! Here’s how to ace high school as told by 2000s (and one 1999) videos.

1. How to impress everyone on the first day: Lil Mama’s Lip Gloss
If you’re looking to make this school year your best ever, take a lesson from Lil Mama. Lip Gloss is proof that the right shade of lipstick can change your life. Or at least make boys stop at your locker and your principal jealous.

2. How to deal with bullies: Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl
Take the high road like Gwen when it comes to catty girls talking behind your back. You ain’t no Hollaback Girl. More advice to take from this video: get involved with extra curriculars and don’t be shy to show school spirit (even if your high school team mascot is a banana).

3. How to land the girl of your dreams: Outkast’s Roses
Impress your potential boo by starring in the drama club’s production and battling the rival clique for her affections. Alternatively, Roses might teach you that the down-to-Mars girl of your dreams is actually shallow and uninteresting. You can also get tips from this video on how to get voted Most All-Around Senior, Most Athletic, Best Physique and Class Bully.

4. How to survive high school heartache: Jojo’s Leave (Get Out)
Replace the lyric, “You left her number on your phone” with “You left screencaps of her Snapchats on your camera roll” and this song will still be relevant 11 years after its initial release. Wearing a “boys stink” tank top is also a critical component of getting over a breakup.

5. For general inspiration: Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” 
Realistically, this video doesn’t teach us anything other than how to break every school dress code, but we just couldn’t make a back-to-school list without it.