5 Reasons Neighbors 2 Lives Up To The Original

Fri, May, 20 by Jonathan Doyle

Neighbors 2

Even filmgoers with the most vehement (and understandable) misgivings about fraternities found something to enjoy in Neighbors, largely because it mercilessly mocks those debauched college kids—and the more superficially civilized couple next door. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising manages a similar feat, finding humour in the dysfunctionality, selfishness, and insecurity of an even broader array of characters. One of the most consistently hilarious Hollywood comedies in recent years, Neighbors 2 has a unique recipe for success. Here are 5 of the crucial ingredients.

1. Mischievous political correctness

Director Nicholas Stoller and his four co-writers carefully navigate a variety of hot button issues (gay marriage, police brutality, sexual assault on college campuses), knowingly skewering the most deserving targets, while also finding comic potential everywhere else.


2. Humble Efron

In the original, Zac Efron’s arrogance made him easy to hate, but this time around, he finds himself in a refreshingly vulnerable, needy, emotional state. This also fuels some of the film’s biggest laughs.


3. More dysfunctional parenting

Once again, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne find surprising humour in their shortcomings as parents. In Neighbors 2, their daughter—played by the same child who played their baby last time—embraces some particularly kid-unfriendly language and toys.


4. The clown

Ike Barinholtz is back as Jimmy Blevins, the misguided pal of Seth Rogen’s Mac Radner. As you can see in the trailer, he arrives for a top secret mission in a bizarre new clown persona, which results in some of the film’s most surreal (and memorable) moments.


5. It’s not a re-hash

The trailers may give you the impression that this is a senseless repeat of the original, but Stoller and company find inventive ways to justify the events onscreen and keep viewers guessing, particularly as the feud escalates into full blown criminality.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising arrives in your neighborhood today. Brace yourself for the comedic carnage with the trailer below.