5 Reasons To Love The Actor Behind One Of Game Of Thrones’ Most Hated Characters


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If you watch Game Of Thrones, you probably don’t like actor Iwan Rheon very much. The Welsh actor plays Ramsay Bolton, the half-brother-in-law of Jon Snow but is more commonly recognized for the many heinous and violent things he has done on the show. As such, he has gained quite the reputation and is often described by many as “the absolute worst.” And while we’re not here to debate that (Ramsay Bolton is legit terrible), we are here to declare our love for the actor behind the character. As longtime fans of Rheon, we wanted to remind fans just why Iwan Rheon deserves to be your guy crush.

1. Even he doesn’t like his character, Ramsay Bolton.
Although Rheon has to act out these terrible things, it’s just as disturbing for him to do as it is for fans to watch. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, he says that preparing for those scenes are the toughest, adding: “…when I get on the set to do it, in my trailer, that day, I really don’t want to do it. And then you’ve got to slap yourself and say ‘come on, it’s not real, it’s not real, just do it.” He also added that he predicts a bloody death for Ramsay soon: “He’s gonna get one hell of a horrendous death. Imminent death. I just hope it’s not this year, because I’ve just bought a flat. I need him to keep doing terrible things until I’ve paid for it!”

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2. He was a good guy once!
Before Game Of Thrones, Rheon got his big break on the hit UK series, Misfits. Instead of being a big bad, Rheon played the shy, and often bullied, Simon who suddenly gets the power of invisibility after a freak ice storm. Although he exited the series after the third season (the show only lasted five), Simon transformed from meek and introverted to a full-fledged superhero who would do anything to save the love of his life, Alicia.


3. He also had a wonderful bromance with Misfits co-star Robert Sheehan.
While Sheehan’s character on Misfits, Nathan, was prone to bullying Rheon’s Simon, they two actually have the cutest bromance of all time. They had so much chemistry that the show even had an episode where Nathan was put under a spell where he became romantically infatuated with Simon. Since the show wrapped in 2013, there have been talks of a potential movie and let’s hope it happens just so we can reunite these two cuties!


4. He’s a really good singer-songwriter!
That’s right, when he’s not on our TV screens, Rheon is making sweet, sweet music. Rheon has put out three EPs in the past and just this year, he released his debut full length album Dinard. Rheon’s music covers everything from acoustic guitar melodies to more upbeat piano anthems. You can listen to his songs on his YouTube channel now!

5. He’s just a straight-up babe.
I mean, just look at him. *SWOON*


BONUS: This is how you say Iwan Rheon’s name. You’re welcome.