5 Songs That Got You Through Your Middle School Breakup


Ah, young love. Don’t you just miss the carefree days where the world of dating simply meant putting someone’s name in your MSN messenger name? Back then we didn’t have to worry about swiping right, meeting parents, or ghosting once the relationship went stale. Unfortunately, dating will never again be as easy. Fortunately, we can still bask in the glory of the pop songs we blasted after we broke up with our middle school sweethearts.

5. Aly & AJ, Potential Break Up Song

Sister duo Aly & AJ understood the struggles of having a boyfriend who never called back. In this girl power anthem, they make it known that their boyfriends are walking on thin ice. Kind of like when your boyfriend didn’t choose you to be on his dodgeball team in gym class.

4. Miley Cyrus, 7 Things

No one said that middle school breakups were easy. Grade 6 is stressful; handling a breakup on top of phonics and math homework was no walk in the park. Sometimes it’s hard to stop loving someone. Miley illustrates this internal struggle perfectly on this track. She counts down the seven things she hates about her ex (did you catch that photo at 1:45? It’s Nick Jonas) including but not limited to: he’s vain, his games, he’s insecure. Can we also have a moment of silence for country-era Miley?

3. Avril Lavigne, My Happy Ending

This one is for all our angsty Canadian pre-teens. When Avril broke onto the scene, she was the antithesis of what it meant to a pop star. Even so, we were still so attracted to her no-f’s-given attitude, especially when she dropped this breakup track. The fact that it had a swear word (and an “explicit” version) made it extra rebellious.

2. Hilary Duff, So Yesterday

It’s a scientifically proven fact that every heart ache can be cured by listening to this song 12 times in a row. Ok, maybe it’s not proven by actual scientists, but we’re pretty sure about this one. In this video, 2000s queen Hilary Duff stalks her ex-boyfriend, steals his clothes and sends him Polaroids of beefy dudes and cool ladies wearing his tacky graphic tee. It was the most badass way to stick it to an ex.

1. JoJo, Leave (Get Out)

At only 13, we don’t know how much first-hand experience JoJo had with breakups, but this song was the soundtrack to our playground romances. We emotionally belted the lyrics: “Boy you must have gone and bumped your head, Because you left her number on your phone” even before we had phones (and even before we had a “boy”).