5 Talent Shows You Shouldn’t Skip

Talent Show M

For most schools, talent shows are a yearly event where the popular kids crack under pressure and heroes rise from the ashes of the underdogs. Too dramatic an explanation? High school is dramatic. You’re not in sixth grade anymore.

From music videos to movies, talent shows have been immortalized on screen with sweet music and even sweeter dance moves. With the new release of Mark Ronson and Mystikal’s Feel Good, we’re looking at the five best talent shows you don’t want to skip.

Feels Good, Mystikal and Mark Ronson
Talent: Making shorts look cool
Why You Shouldn’t Skip: There are celebrity judges

Roses, Outkast
Talent: Understanding in high school that means girls suck
Why You Shouldn’t Skip: Fight!

Everywhere We Go, SonReal
Talent: Running in a circle on stage
Why You Shouldn’t Skip: A vest never has and never will again look so cool

Canned Heat, Napoleon Dynamite
Talent: Being fricken’ awesome
Why You Shouldn’t Skip: You need to support Pedro

Jingle Bell Rock, Mean Girls
Talent: Making Christmas about skimpy outfits
Why You Shouldn’t Skip: You can see the exact moment Cady takes over Gretchen’s spot in the Plastics