Here Are 5 Things We Learned From Pink’s Carpool Karaoke

Pink, Carpool Karaoke

Pink is the latest celebrity to help James Corden get to work during rush hour. The pop superstar jumped in the passenger seat to perform her classic hits and latest singles, including “What About Us,” “Raise A Glass,” “Beautiful Trauma,” and “I’m Coming Up” for The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke segment.

In addition to showing off her incredible vocals and teaching Corden a few contemporary dance moves, Pink also revealed some facts about her past that even her biggest fans may find surprising. Two words: Joey Fatone.


Pink was devastated when Jon Bon Jovi got married.

At only 7 years old, Pink knew she wanted to marry Jon Bon Jovi. After learning the rockstar had wed his high school sweetheart, she ran home to rip his posters off her wall and camped out in her room for days. Pink later told Bon Jovi the story, prompting the rocker to send her a bouquet of flowers and a pair of his leather pants.

She loves when people put their spouse first.

Pink revealed that she has a friend who always tells people how his wife is when asked how he’s doing. James was not a fan of the move.

She went on a date with Joey Fatone.

Pink’s first tour was opening for NSYNC when she was only 19-years-old. She fondly remembers Joey Fatone visiting her dressing room every day. He eventually asked Pink’s dad for permission to take his daughter out and the two got ice cream at Friendly’s restaurant. Fatone may have had a crush, but Pink says things stayed safely in the friendzone. #TimberlakeOrBust

Pink wrote her first song at 14.

Before she became a Grammy winning pop star, Pink was the vocalist in a rap group called Scratch and Smooth. She wrote her first song for the group called “Generation X” when she was only 14. It actually doesn’t sound half bad.

Pink says she sings better upside down.

Pink and Corden tested this theory and we’re pretty sure that Pink just sounds great all the time, regardless of whether she’s standing on stage or flying over it.



Watch the whole video below.