5 Things To Know About ‘The X-Files’ Reboot, As Told By Gillian Anderson


It’s the reboot fans have been waiting over 15 years for—The X-Files finally returns to T.V. this weekend in a special two-night premiere. But first, Gillian Anderson, better known as the doubtful Special Detective Scully, gives us an inside scoop on the new revival in her latest GQ interview.

Here are five things to know about the upcoming X-Files miniseries.

David Duchovny was involved with making the reboot happen.
He was “in since day one,” said Anderson

xfiles mulder

A lot of episodes will be stand-alone episodes
“I’m curious myself about what is it about the show—even though they’re standalone—that gives you the impulse to watch another one,” she said.


The new episodes will tap into modern and futuristic anxieties we have.
The series will tap “into the Zeitgeist, and it taps into paranoias,” she said.


There will be absolutely no shoulder pads in this series:
“There will not be shoulder pads in any way, shape, or form,” she said.

xfiles shoulder pads

But there will be reasonably sized cell-phones
Refer to this hilarious Kimmel skit. “We have cell phones that fit into our pockets, and we have flashlights that actually fit into our pockets, rather than pulling out something as if we pulled it out of our pockets but clearly it could not have fit in our pockets,” she said.

xfiles cell

Don’t miss the special two-day premiere this weekend, airing on CTV at 10/9c!