5 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Robyn Show In Toronto


Tue, August, 26 by

1. It is absolutely okay to dance alone.
Going to shows alone can feel intimidating and lonely. Watching other people dance with each other paralyzes my body and I suddenly become acutely aware of my awkward flimsy arms. Shoot, what do I do with your arms?! This is the point where I’d probably pull out my phone and pretend to be busy just to give my hands something to do. Anyway, point is, being alone at a concert can be very isolating.

But if Robyn’s mega hit Dancing On My Own has taught me anything it’s that you should not feel shameful for being alone. In fact, you should totally own it. Don’t let other people, be it seeing an ex lover with someone else or otherwise, affect you. (Fun fact: TWO of my ex-boyfriends were at the show last night. TWO.) Use that song as a confidence boost and swing those flimsy arms! Show ’em that you don’t depend on anyone to have a good time. I am definitely not sorry for screaming every word to that song last night and dancing up a storm completely on my own.

2. Swedes and Norwegians make beautiful music together.
Robyn wasn’t alone last night; the Swedish pop star teamed up with Norwegian electronic act Royksopp for an EP earlier this year, which they have now taken on the road. The show was sectioned off into sets by both acts with a grand finale at the end where they performed songs off of said EP and it was dynamic, brimming with energy and just incredible. Sweden and Norway can now join the ranks of great pairings alongside PB&J.

3. Do It Again is the pop anthem of the year.
The lead single off of Robyn and Royksopp’s EP, Do It Again, is hands down one of the best songs of 2014. The infectious repetition of the song gets stuck in your head for days and the simple phrase, “do it again,” will never be the same thanks to Robyn’s signature cadence. From now on, it will always be “DO-IT. A-GAIN.” The song closed the show and you know what? We immediately wanted to relive the entire experience A-GAIN.

4. Echo Beach is where spring break never ends.
Toronto’s sandy outdoor venue is still relatively new to the city, but it has quickly become one of the most fun places to catch a show. From the row of food trucks to the sand-filled grounds, Echo Beach feels like a tamer, but just as fun, spring break with the ultimate entertainment.

5. Robyn’s new album, whenever that comes out, is going to be amazing.
Robyn gave us a tiny glimpse of what’s to come last night with some new songs she has been working on and judging by the bombastic beats and dance breakdowns, we already know we’re going to love it. Now if only Robyn can finish this magical album and give it to us! The world needs more Robyn ASAP!

Photos by Kristian Noel Pedersen