5 Things You Need To Know About Idiotsitter

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Much’s hilarious new comedy Idiotsitter is back with an all new episode tonight at 10:30E/7:30P and if you missed last week’s, you’re in luck. Behold, the internet.

If you missed last week’s season premiere, that means you also missed finding out exactly why you should be watching the comedy duo of Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse. But don’t worry, we made a list.

Watch new episodes of Idiotsitter every Thursday at 10:30E/7:30P following new episodes of Workaholics on Much. Catch up with episodes online anytime at www.Much.com/shows/Idiotsitter.

5. It’s Hilarious

An uptight and cash-strapped Harvard grad is hired to take care of a rich woman-child. Everything can and does go wrong, which would be terrible if it was your actual life, but hilarious when you’re watching a half hour comedy.


4. It’s Smart

We never, ever, ever get tired of a well-placed pop culture reference and Idiotsitter has that category on lock. Don’t believe us? Harsh. Here’s our proof.

Jillian B

3. They’re Women In Comedy

And we haven’t had any funny women since Carol Burnett. And Roseanne Barr. You can’t forget Roseanne.

2. Two words: Jillian Bell

If you’ve ever watched Workaholics or Eastbound and Down, or saw 22 Jump Street or The Night Before, you know that Jillian Bell is a thief. The woman straight up steals every scene that she’s in and we’re just relieved that she finally has an entire show dedicated to her awesomeness. Plus, Charlotte Newhouse is the perfect straight-man to Bell’s wild Gene and is quickly becoming one of our favourite comedians.



Idiotsitter airs Thursday at 10:30E/7:30P on Much following Workaholics. You can also watch episodes online at Much.com/Idiotsitter. Knowing where and when to watch your favourite new show seems like pertinent information.