5 Times South Park Really Understood Canadians

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When it comes to Canada Day even us humble Canadians start to feel just a little proud. We break out the maple syrup, spend the day in Downtown Canada and then spend the evening watching some good ol’ “Terrance and Phillip”. Yup, we do it all. Well, at least according to the creators of South Park.

So it only makes sense that the whole South Park catalogue featuring 18 seasons and more than 250 episodes will begin streaming on CraveTV on Canada Day.

From Kyle’s adopted little brother to ‘Canada going on strike’ it’s safe to say the show has poked fun at us, but we don’t really mind. After all, we are Canadian! So to celebrate our day and the big addition to CraveTV we thought we’d go through some of our favourite Canadian burns from South Park.

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They Really Get Our Sense Of Humour

Even if you’ve never watched one episode of the show, chances are you’ve seen these two around at some point or another. Terrance and Phillip are Canada’s superstars in the universe of South Park and Stan and his friends find them hilarious. They’re pretty much just walking fart jokes. They come Cartman approved so we ain’t even mad.


They’re Always Geographically Correct

In the world of South Park, Canada is like a town. We’ve got Downtown Canada, Canada Airport and this l’il picture below here is from French Canada. We also have one road that spreads out all across the country and it’s appropriately called “the only road”. The best part about this one is they’re actually not too far off. We love the small town vibe Canada has while remaining geographically huge. As Canadians who have been to cottage country before, we can successfully confirm that.


When It Comes To Our Economy They’ve Got It All Figured Out

We happen to think this is a great system! Sure our tourism isn’t exactly booming but we’re really counting on the snowball machines to pull through this year. Mark our words. They’re going to be big!


They’ve Taken The Time To Understand Our Mother Tongue

Here in Canada we have a certain way of speaking. That may seem strange to other people, especially Americans. For instance we always say ‘aboot’ instead of about, we say ‘eh’ at the end of everything and we call everybody ‘friend’, ‘guy’ or buddy’. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, that gets confusing.

They Know Our Traditions Very Well

Canada is a beautiful country founded on long lasting traditions that we hold dear to us. Sure other cultures might not always understand us but that’s why we’re so thankful to have South Park to explain. In one episode Stephen Abootman, the head of the World Canadian Bureau, decides that Canada should go on strike. Unfortunately, he ends up losing his people a bunch of money in the process so the rest of the country decides to send him adrift. For those of you who don’t know, here in Canada that is a VERY REAL tradition in which we ship someone off on a block of ice if they have done badly. See below for further reference.




Happy Canada Day from South Park and Much! Find out more about CraveTV here.