5 Unexpected Justin Bieber Covers


Can 2015 be dubbed Year of the Bieber already? Like a phoenix, his public image and reputation have risen from the ashes (of a mop bucket that’s been urinated in). Almost overnight it seems that Justin Bieber went from being a bratty, annoying, teenybop pop star to a comeback kid that everyone’s rooting for.

After staying out of trouble and maintaining a low profile, he followed with the release of two smash hits this summer: Where Are U Now and What Do You Mean?. One Complex cover story later and the unthinkable has occurred–It’s cool to like Justin Bieber again.

Here are five artists who have jumped on the Bieber bandwagon with renditions of his latest hits.

1. Halsey, What Do You Mean?

This Bieber x The Weeknd mash-up is as Canadian as a denim tuxedo. A few years ago, no one would imagine a brash, outspoken artist like Halsey to go anywhere near Bieber, yet here we are. We dig it.

2. Florence + The Machine, Where Are U Now

The Diplo/Skrillex collab gets the Florence Welch treatment. Where Are U Now a sultry makeover and is turned into a heart-wrenching track.

3. Chvrches, What Do You Mean?

Although it’s unlikely that Chrvches would ever make a bad cover (exhibits a, b and c), it’s a pretty big deal when Lauren Mayberry sings your lyrics over insane electronic audio.

4. Karmin,What Do You Mean?

What Do You Mean? gets a blusey rock redo courtesy of Karmin. Coupled with a strange floating head a la Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and we’re in love.

5. Pentatonix, Where Are U Now

A capella group Pentatonix completely transforms the EDM banger. The song is treated with such finesse–the driving beat of the original becomes a delicate, chilling and beautiful. But it ain’t like anything Bieber related could be un-beautiful, amirite?