5 Videos From Jojo, Grimes, And More You Have To See Today

Jojo and Grimes Main

Say Love, Jojo

Jojo is continuing her long-awaited return to the music charts with her new album Tringle. The latest single, Say Love, has the singer hanging out in Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and asking her boyfriend to go from like to love. Spoiler – the video has some serious man bun AND lovey dovey action. Jojo shows off her trademark vocal range on the track and brings the emotion with her plea to make things Facebook official.

Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream, Grimes

Grimes is gearing up to release her first album since 2012’s Juno winning Visions with Art Angels (November 6) and has just dropped a video for the first single, Flesh Without Blood. Shot in two segments, Grimes both directs and acts in the theatrical piece, playing a Marie Antoinette-type character as well as an angel of death. Grimes is able to balance on the edge of terror with her bloody video thanks to her playful demeanor and brightly styled costumes. We’re not totally sure what’s going on, but we kinda want to be invited to the party.

I Don’t Belong To You, Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer’s I Don’t Belong To YouScream Queens star is gearing up to release an album sometime in the new year, her first since 2007’s So Uncool.

Kamikaze, MØ

Whether it’s a underground club or an empty parking lot, singer MØ and her friends bring the party where ever they go in Kamikaze. Shot Kiev, Ukraine and similar to MIA’s in your face aesthetic, Kamikaze features just about every scenario a person should avoid while driving a car or motorcycle. Y’all make us nervous. The catchy and upbeat new single is MØ’s third collaboration with Diplo, following XXX 88 and the hugely successful Lean On.

Thank God For Girls, Weezer

If you ever want to be able to eat another cannoli in your life, we recommend skipping Weezer’s Thank God For Girls. In true Weezer fashion, the song is an instant earworm, but it does ask the question, do people really pack Italian desserts for long hikes? While part of us thinks that Weezer may be joking with their new video and song, it’s important to note that they are the same band who released Pork n Beans a few years ago. Stop ruining our comfort food, Weezer!