5 Visually Stunning FKA Twigs Videos That Will Inspire You


Wed, November, 5 by

Yes, FKA Twigs is Robert Pattinson’s new love, but she is also one of music’s most talented and innovative artists right now. The British beauty’s unique R&B sound is hypnotic and sensual, slow-burning with raw emotions and a voice that can be likened to Ciara or Aaliyah. If you haven’t listened to her debut album LP1 now, we highly recommend picking it up ASAP.

But that’s not all! FKA Twigs is also a master at visuals, from eye-catching music videos to mind-blowing performances, you MUST see these following clips to truly understand the hype. Here are five of Twigs’ most stunning videos:

Two Weeks
One of her most notable singles to date, FKA Twigs’ Two Weeks boasts one of the year’s most visually beautiful music videos. As the camera slowly pans out on the ethereal singer, the video paints a detailed and picture that looks like it can be an ancient painting worth framing and putting in museums everywhere.

Video Girl
Twigs’ lastest music video for Video Girl is a haunting, almost unsettling, clip that’s part dance performance, part found footage horror film.

Before Twigs made it as a musical artist, she was a super talented dancer and she shows off her amazing dance prowess in this stunning video she co-directed for Dazed & Confused.

FKA Twigs #throughglass
Twigs continues to prove that she is not only an amazing singer, but also a creative genius with this short concept film for Google Glass. Even if you have no clue what this video is about, which we’ll admit to not fully cracking it, you can’t deny that it’s incredibly striking to look at, espcially when she dons anime eye makeup.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Twigs made her TV debut on the late-night talk show last night and gave a breathtaking performance of Two Weeks. Complete with several wind machines, dramatic scarves flying around and Twigs’ signature moves, she not only blew us away, but host Jimmy Fallon seemed equally impressed! If this doesn’t convince you to see her in concert, we don’t know what will!