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5 Ways Facebook Ruins Friendships


Just when you thought that Facebook couldn’t get more invasive and annoying, The Daily Dot is reporting that the social media site is planning on adding read receipts for events.

Now the host of events will have the ability to see who has seen the invitation and who has checked the updates on the event page. So you better come up with a stockpile of excuses on why you don’t want to go to that lame house party with all those people you hate. Because responding “Maybe Attending” just won’t cut it anymore.

In addition to not responding to event invites, here are four other things that ruin friendships on Facebook.

Resurrecting embarrassing photos from 2007
Just…don’t do it.


Posting too much clickbait 
While the “Share” function is great for posting funny memes and the occasional cool video, there’s always that one friend who posts way too many of those “Must Watch…This Video Left Me In Tears” posts.


When your friend likes the Facebook status/photo of someone you don’t like
That totally goes against the rules of friendship.


The “humble” brag 
You just got a wicked job AND you’ve paid off your student loans? GREAT.