5 Ways The Lip Sync Battle Can Be Watchable

We always love when Jimmy Fallon invites Tonight Show guests to take part in a lip sync battle. Our belief that Emma Stone is the coolest ever was confirmed in her lip sync, while thanks to Will Ferrell’s performance we learned that the funny man carries glitter in his pocket at all times.

The lip sync skit has become so popular that former contestants John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant have made an entire show based on the segment, with LL Cool J hosting and Chrissy Teigen providing colour commentary.

Lip Sync Battle is not the first of its kind. Television has a long history of celebs playing games, most recently with Hollywood Game Night and Repeat After Me. The problem with these series is that it’s difficult to maintain momentum and not fall into unknown celebrity territory. This isn’t Dancing With The Stars. We don’t have twenty weeks to fall in love with an actor that was famous 15 years ago.

So how can Lip Sync Battle make the leap from a really funny six minute clip to an entire series? We have a few suggestions.

5. Don’t give it all away on the first date

As we can see in the trailer released this week for Lip Sync Battle, there are going to be some big name guest stars. From J Lo to the Rock to people with actual names, like Jimmy Fallon and Anna Kendrick, there will be A-lister talent in the building. We feel like we’ve already seen the entire show in the trailer, so hopefully LSB has save some heavy hitters for the actual show.

4. Go BTS

People love seeing celebs hanging out backstage together and really, that’s why we’re all glued to our phones and looking at Instagram 24/7. We want to know what goes on behind the scenes. BTS moments would be a great way to fill time and get people tuning in to see their fave celebrity.

3. Figure out a voting strategy.

There’s never really a winner on The Tonight Show version of the lip sync battle and we think that may be the way to go. Think Whose Line Is It Anyways. Or, if there is a voting strategy, something like @Midnight where contestants can get points by doing just about anything. We’re not here to get competitive. We’re here to LOLz.

2. Wide selection of music.

No, we haven’t heard Christina Aguilera’s 2002 hit Dirrty in a very long time and yes, we would like to see a tall Englishman dance to it while wearing chaps.

1. Check your coolness at the door

This isn’t a place for being cool, this is a place to let out your inner rockstar…which never looks as cool as actual rock stars. Lip Sync Battle needs to stack their lineup with guests that are ready to let loose as opposed to people who have a movie to promote.