5 Ways To Mentally Prepare Yourself For The Weeknd’s New Album


The Weeknd’s new album, Beauty Behind the Madness, is set to release on August 28. It feels like forever ago since we last saw an album from the Toronto native (well, two years to be exact, since 2013’s Kiss Land). So here are a few tips that will help ease you into the XO world just in time for some new music from The Weeknd.

5. Re-watch his MMVA Performance
He killed the stage at this year’s MMVAs performing Earned It and The Hills. Bonus: He’ll be performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 30 at 9E/6P on MTV and Much!

4. Go back and listen to House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence
He released these three mixtapes in 2011, but it took some time for the internet to catch on because no one really knew what he looked like or who he was back then. In 2012, he remastered all three mixtapes into the album called The Trilogy. Before Beauty Behind the Madness comes out, take some time to revisit his older material!


3. Go ahead and watch 50 Shades of Grey
Whether you’ve seen this movie or not, we recommend fans of The Weeknd to watch 50 Shades of Grey. Watch it until the end of the credits! Aside from the steamy scenes and the intense storyline, The Weeknd’s contribution to the soundtrack, Earned It, definitely sets the tone of the movie.

2. Gear up
Although the XO Official Issue Clothing website is no longer, XO gear is still available on sites like Etsy.com, eBay, and Amazon. Dress the part of a Weeknd fan!


1. Enjoy a cup of tea
Even though there’s beauty behind the madness, there is still some madness and what better way to cope than with a soothing cup of tea? (See what I did there? XO)

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By Yahan Mensah