5 Ways To Slay CMW Like A Pro


Brick and mortar vs. fields and flowers is an entirely different beast when it comes to festivals. It’s one thing to run free in the sun, but it’s another to UberHop around the city.

Canadian Music Week has taken over downtown Toronto, and it’s every wristband holder for themselves. Here are a few tips that should help get you through CMW weekend.

Check out the full list of CMW performers here.

Come Prepared

If you plan to attend conferences by day and showcases by night, then you’re in it for the long haul. Phone chargers will be scarce, and outfit changes impossible. Pack a portable charger to avoid going off the grid, wear comfy shoes, and dress to impress with an outfit that translates from day to night.


Have a back-up plan

Chances are at some point you’ll find yourself waiting in line while the act you so desperately wanted to see plays to a packed house. Rather than torture yourself by listening from outside the bar, have a back-up plan. Know who’s playing around the corner, and make the call to ditch the line for new tunes.


Discover new talent

Speaking of new tunes, CMW is a festival made up of artist showcases. There’s no better time than now to explore up-and-coming talent. With over 300 acts performing in venues throughout Toronto, it would be a crime not to end the weekend with an updated playlist. Check out our staff picks for guidance.


Secure a meeting spot

Like any festival, it’s easy to get lost, and impossible to accommodate your entire crew. There are tons of bars throughout Toronto hosting bands this week. Pick one that is central, close to home, or that serves as a good meeting spot for your crew. We recommend the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Not only does it have a front and back bar, A&W is served through a convenient little window next to the pool tables.

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Net-Werk, werk, werk

Canadian music’s finest are out on the town for the weekend. Whether you’re a struggling musician, or a student looking to work in the biz, CMW is full of opportunity. Put on your best schmoozing face, and get out there! And if you’re invited to ANY industry party, take advantage of the open bar and free food. These are rare treats.