6 Dead Giveaways That The New Maroon 5 Video Was Staged


Wed, January, 21 by

Last week, Maroon 5 released a new music video for Sugar and the concept was wildly ambitious and kinda heartwarming: the band would spend one full day trying to crash as many weddings as possible, surprising everyone with a special performance. The results were stunning, though almost immediately, we became suspicious of the logistics behind such a lofty goal.

Today, multiple sources are reporting that the video is indeed totally staged and, well, we’re not surprised. Take a look below at the top five biggest giveaways that this video was fake, fake, fake. Sorry hopeless romantics, Adam Levine is here to ruin everything…again.

1. “Bride” Raina Hein is not married.
Diehard America’s Next Top Model fans might’ve recognized cycle 14 contestant/runner-up Raina Hein in the video as one of the surprised brides, but a quick Google search will reveal that’s not married. Pair that with the other fact that she has starred in music videos before and it quickly becomes clear that she was probably hired to act in this video.

2. And she wasn’t the only actor spotted in the video.
As pointed out by TheSixThirty, actor Nico Evers-Swindell plays the first groom we see in the video and another actor, Eric Satterberg, can be spotted sitting at a table at one of the weddings. And those are only the actors that have been identified, who knows what other paid actors are in these scenes!

3. These shoots took days, apparently.
The two older Asian actors in one of the other weddings allegedly exposed the entire scam on Facebook recently, admitting that the entire thing was staged and shot over a three days. Spontaneity, our ass!

4. Setting up takes forever.
If you’ve ever been to a concert, you’ll know that setting up instruments and getting ready for a performance can take a while and even if there was some planning ahead of time, there’s no way an operation like this could go this smoothly. Plus, those curtains must’ve taken up some time!

5. When the curtain drops, the band is mid-song.
Okay, there’s absolutely no way around this. This sh*t was totally staged.

6. Who would be that happy to see Maroon 5 play their wedding?
No one. This would’ve been a more appropriate reaction.

Check out Maroon 5’s music video for Sugar below and tell us if there are any more dead giveaways @Much!