6 Reasons Jimmy Fallon Is Getting Another 6 Years Of The Tonight Show

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Jimmy Fallon’s contract with the Tonight Show has just been renewed into 2021, a big surprise to absolutely no one. The TV host has been keeping fans up late and making videos go viral since he took over the iconic job in 2014.

There are many reasons we’re not surprised that NBC has locked Fallon in for another six years of the Tonight Show, but here are a few of our faves.

1. He Watches As Much TV As We Do

Watching someone interview an actor about a show or movie they haven’t seen is at best boring, at worst, horrifically uncomfortable. Fallon seems to spend just as much time in front of the TV as the rest of us, making his interviews exciting to watch for pop culture fans.

2. He’s Not Afraid To Fan Girl

In addition to loving shows and films, Fallon is also a big music fan. With a job as the host of the Tonight Show there are definitely some awesome perks and Fallon always makes sure he brings fans along for the ride.

3. He Invented Sober Karaoke

Sure, Hollywood A-listers make rake in millions of dollars for roles that have them starring as famous singers, but that doesn’t mean they can hold a note. Fallon lets people bring out their inner rockstar without the awkward karaoke pitch.

4. He’s Candid

From emergency surgery to talking about his family to recalling the time he totally blew it with Nicole Kidman, Fallon wears his heart on his sleeve. There’s just no way this could have been staged.

5. He Goes Back To His Roots

Not The Roots, although we love them as well. When Jimmy gets the right guest, it’s like SNL on a weeknight.

6. One Word: Higgins

Fallon knows that a great late night host needs a comedic partner. Who better than former SNL headwriter Steve Higgins?

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