6 Reasons Why 2014 Is The Golden Era Of The McConaissance


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Although Matthew McConaughey isn’t new to Hollywood, he did find himself having quite the big year in 2014. The actor went from a well-respected star in his own right into a gigantic pop culture titan taking over TV, film and, believe it or not, commercials.

Take a look below and see just why 2014 will go down in history as the golden era of the McConaissance.

1. True Detective
In January, HBO launched one of the biggest shows of the year, True Detective, which starred McConaughey alongside Woody Harrelson (both are also producers of the show) as two homicide detectives on the hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. McConaughey has since been nominated for and won multiple awards for his role including a Critics’ Choice Television Award win and an Emmy nomination.

2. Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey
By March, McConaughey was the clear front-runner for the Best Actor Oscar for his amazing performance in Dallas Buyers Club. Come Oscar night, he claims that he didn’t expect to take home the prize and when they announced his name, he immediately ran through his mind to see if there were any other nominees whose names started with an ‘M’ sound. Oh silly, McConaughey!

3. The strangest car commercial of all time
One of McConaughey’s biggest roles this year was not a movie or TV show, but actually a commercial. Starring in a series of Lincoln car commercials, the suave but nonsensical dialogue quickly became a running joke that was mocked on shows like Saturday Night Live, South Park and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Just take a look at how out of hand it has gotten, starting with the original then the parodies below that. Bless these commercials.

4. We don’t even know what’s happening here, but it’s effin’ great
A few months ago, McConaughey paid a visit to the University of Texas’ football team and the pep talk that ensued is quite possibly the most Matthew McConaughey moment in history. Watch the ENTIRE clip.

5. Let’s take a moment to also discuss this man’s style
With McConaughey in high demand for award show season this year, this man was ON-POINT EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Bravo, mister.


6. Interstellar
In addition to already taking home an Oscar this year, McConaughey is setting himself up for more award show appearances next year with the spectacular blockbuster hit, Interstellar, which came out this November. The cinematic event of the year is still sitting near the top of the box office and has blown audiences away with McConaughey’s performance alongside Anne Hathaway as well as the film’s mind-blowing visuals. This might’ve been the golden year of the McConaissance, but this is just the beginning. Expect to see much, much more of Hollywood’s biggest star in 2015!