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There are so many TV shows to binge watch in the world, but may we suggest a new show to you? You’ve got to watch Younger. The show stars Sutton Foster, a 40-year-old who pretends to be younger, and as most of you may know, is a comeback role of sorts for pop star Hilary Duff.

It’s a funny and stylish show and we’ve listed the top six reasons you need to tune in below so take a look and watch all the episodes of the season so far on M3 now! Watch new episodes of Younger Tuesdays at 8E/5P on M3!

1. The premise is a little whacky, but it works!
A 40-year-old woman named Liza (played by the amazing Sutton Foster) is going through a divorce and pretends to be 26 again in order to get a job at a publishing firm. Yes, that’s a little whacky and would probably never work IRL, but it’s television! Suspend your reality for half an hour and enjoy the funny antics Liza gets into such as learning how to use Twitter and falling for a hottie tattoo artist. The show romanticizes young people in their 20s, but it will also inspire you to go out and take some chances, no matter what age you are!

2. Sex and the City fans will love it
Younger is created by Darren Star, who also gave us classic shows like Sex and the City and 90210 and much like the former, Younger not only boasts the same wittiness as Sex and the City, but it also presents a similar love of the Big Apple. Younger is set between the bustling metropolitan of Manhattan and the more hipster-chic side of Brooklyn, and Star treats the lively city almost like an entire character of its own, always giving us the most eye-catching settings for the show to take place in. Oh, New York, New York!

3. The clothes are uh-mazing
Another similarity between Younger and Sex and the City is iconic stylist Patricia Field. Field styles the cast of Younger and her flair for bright colours and patterns can be seen all over Liza’s twentysomething makeover. Every time Liza steps out into the world, she’s rockin’ multiple prints that miraculously work together and, yes, makes her look younger! Make no mistake, though, you won’t find Carrie Bradshaw’s ballerina tutus on Younger, but Field has established super chic looks for every character on the show (see below) and you will feel a strong urge to go shopping after watching an episode.

4. Hilary Duff is back!
While Duff is still working on her comeback album, she is doing a great job on her acting return in Younger. Duff plays Kelsey Peters, one of Liza’s coworkers (and new BFF) and while Kelsey shares the same sense of enthusiasm and spirit as her most famous character, Lizzie McGuire, this role is miles away from her Disney days. Kelsey is a wild and fun character who sometimes drinks too much, drunk texts cute guys, but is a hard worker who wants to move up in the world and prove her skills in her workplace.

5. Sutton Foster is a star
Foster has had roles in Flight of the Conchords and Bunheads, but we think Younger is going to be her breakout role. She absolutely deserves to be the star of this show and she shines as Liz. Instead of playing a woman going through a mid-life crisis, Foster gives Liz a drive and humour that makes her utterly loveable a joy to watch.

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6. Hottie alert
Nico Tortorella plays Liz’s younger love interest, Josh. Josh is a tattoo artist who has no clue he has fallen for an older woman (he guesses in the first episode that she’s around 26 years old because that’s how old he is), but we don’t care, we think Liz and Josh make a hot couple regardless of age! I mean, just look at him. DROOL.

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