6 Self Help Books We Think Need to Happen

The cast of Always Sunny In Philadelphia are getting their scholastic-on. The long running comedy series is set to release a self-help book, titled It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The 7 Secrets of Awakening the Highly Effective Four-Hour Giant, Today. I’m sure it’s just like The Secret.

The book will feature advice from all five main characters on everything from finance to relationships to personal grooming and will be available January 6, 2015.

We got to thinking about other shows that have so much wisdom to give and put together a list of self-help books we would definitely pre-order.

1. Nathan For You: How to Succeed In Business By Barely Trying

Find out how to improve your business up to 1.5% by only spending an extra 20% of your revenue. The financial self-help book comes with a free download of Excel 1998.

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2. Literally Inside Amy Schumer: A Book For Girls About Puberty and What The Hell Is Going On With Our Bodies

Not sure what to tell your daughter/little sister/yourself about what the hell is going on with your body between the ages of 10 and well, adulthood? This book is for you! Comedian Amy Schumer breaks down the puberty basics, while doling out sound advice for little women, such as ‘what to do if a tampon falls out of your backpack at school?’ You’re going to want a good comeback line for that.

Watch Inside Amy Schumer Wednesday’s at 11E/8P.

3. A Hitchhikers Guide To Broad City

Find out what it means to be a boss bitch, why God made everything finger-sized, and how to date in the modern world. Take quizzes to find out which Broad City character you’re most like and don’t miss the sweet stickers section of the book. There will definitely be stickers.

4. Workaholics: How To Get Weird On Company Time

Niiiiiiice! A book that’s perfect for the slacking employee who wants to look busy. The hardcover edition comes with a clip board back so that you can walk around your office looking busy while you’re actually reading advice on love, beer, and girls from Ders, Blake and Adam.

5. Get Spying or Die Trying With Pretty Little Liars

Have you been receiving anonymous texts on your cell phone? Threatening messages on your locker? Always feel like there’s someone in a black hoody following you? It’s time for you to up your spying skills. Thankfully, the people behind Pretty Little Liars have put together a self-help spy book, complete with instructions on how to do a full background check on anyone who is remotely friendly to you, details on making the best mustache disguises, and a short quiz to help determine whether your parents are stalking you. Bonus, the book comes with two eye cutouts so that you can keep a look out while reading the book for missing teen girls who used to torment you in high school.

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6. Drunk History: Everything You Need To Know To Almost Pass History

Are you looking for a general idea of when the Civil War happened? Need to learn approximately what went down in World War I? Looking to improve your historical knowledge on the Salem Witch Trials to ‘iffy’? This is the textbook for you.

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