6 Things To Look Forward To On Drake’s Views From The 6


It’s almost April, and according to Drake, that means his fourth studio album Views From The 6 should be just around the corner. Will he go predictable and drop it on April 16 (4/16)? Or will he go for another surprise release like he did with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late? Maybe he’ll throw it back and have a more traditional roll-out, like he did with Nothing Was The Same. It’s never easy to predict The 6 God’s next move, but with a huge 2015 now behind him, here are a few things we’re looking forward to on the upcoming project.

1. The rumoured third and final Meek Mill diss track – 3-Peat.


It was the Twitter beef heard around the Internet. Nearly a month after having Drake appear on his album Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek Mill tweeted his displeasure with Drake, implying that he doesn’t write his own raps. Contrary to what Drake said early in his career on Successful (“diss me and you’ll never hear a reply for it”), Drake clapped back not once, but twice. After releasing the Grammy-nominated Back to Back, rumours began spreading that Drake had a third track in the chamber, ready to fire, titled 3-Peat. After spitting a few unreleased bars regarding Meek Mill at OVO Fest late last year (“got you actin’ like a b—- ’cause you ain’t get the re-tweet”), the track definitely exists. Could it be too late for people to still care about the beef? Or could this third diss be the final nail in Meek’s coffin?

2. Tropical / Dancehall vibes.


If you couldn’t tell from the video for Hotline Bling or even the two videos that accompanied Rihanna’s Work, Drake is capable of busting some moves. The common denominator for these two? The vibes, the feelings, the aesthetics. Both of these songs are hits, and it’s no secret why. The infectious hooks, the tropical beats with a modern hip-hop twist to it, and the special videos that accompanied them (one of which became the living definition of a meme.)

Drake is seemingly a big fan of tropical energy, as Drake almost randomly remixed a song from Toronto artist Ramriddlz. The song has some definite beach and summer feelings to it, and is a sound that we haven’t seen Drake experiment with much. Though the song is somewhat goofy, the Drake co-sign never fails to propel an artist into success. With his recent affiliation with Ramriddlz and the huge success of Work and Hotline Bling, Drake would be silly not to include a few tropical-flavoured cuts on the new album.

3. A No. 1 song on the charts (finally).


Drake, who may be the most famous rapper on the planet, has never had a song of his reach the number one spot on the Billboard charts. His best chance was with his hit Hotline Bling, which he released on his OVO Sound Radio show on Apple Music last July. After jumping to the no. 2 spot on the charts, it seemed Drake would finally have his first chart topper. Cue: Adele. With her single titled Hello, Adele was able to jump right into that no. 1 spot on the charts and maintain it for 10 straight weeks, keeping Drake at No. 2. The first single that Drake released for this album, titled Summer Sixteen, debuted at No. 6 on the charts (fitting for the 6 God), where it peaked. Though the song was hard-hitting, it didn’t have the single-feel we have come to expect from Drake. Hopefully he’s got that surefire no. 1 locked and loaded, waiting for the right time.

4. Use of recent OVO signees.


Almost all of Drake’s career moves seem calculated: His outfits, his album roll-outs, and even his use of emojis on Instagram. One aspect that doesn’t seem as calculated as the rest are his acquisitions of new talent for his label, OVO Sound. After working with now-pop-superstar The Weeknd on a collection of tracks for his sophomore album Take Care, Drake missed the opportunity on signing The Weeknd, who would later ink a deal with Republic Records. In the years following, Drake has signed a handful of artists, including PARTYNEXTDOOR, iLoveMakonnen, and most recently the mysterious R&B group dvsn. It will be interesting to see how Drake uses these talents on his upcoming Views From The 6, if at all. Maybe a new club hit with Makonnen, or possibly a spacey trap-flavoured love ballad with Majid Jordan.

5. Emotional, introspective songs.


Drake has never been afraid to show his emotional side in his songs. Drake can match the intensity he brings to his boastful raps equally with his more introspective and in-his-feelings type of songs. Though the beats are more relaxed, and Drake doesn’t seem as hungry for success, he’s able to show a side that wasn’t always well received in the hip-hop world – his sensitive side. One of the reasons for his success and also a big role in why listeners and others in the hip-hop community write him off as a “soft” rapper, Drake is able to convey his real feelings using a softer voice backed by R&B-inspired beats. On songs like Marvin’s Room, and Shot For Me, Drake does an excellent job of blending his softer singing with his rapping, where he still sounds as hungry as ever. We all love when Drake provides us with a banger, but we got a lasting supply of those on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and What A Time To Be Alive last year, so hit us with that sensitive side, Drizzy.

6. Another Toronto anthem.


Early last year, after Drake decided to surprise release his fourth mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the entire city of Toronto was in a daze. Drake has never shied away from his hometown, shouting it out many times before. This mixtape was filled with 6 side shout-outs from songs like 6 God, Jungle, and 6 Man (an ode to now ex-Raptor’s sixth-man of the year, Lou Williams). But there was one song that caught the attention of residents of the 6 a little more than the others—Know Yourself. A haunting tune, Drake raps slowly along with the beat, until it goes silent, and with one emphatic drop of the bass, the self-proclaimed king of the city had every resident of the 6 yelling “running through the six with my woes,” even with no idea what “woes” are. The song was huge, and turned into what seemed like Toronto’s anthem for summer of 2015. So, 6 God, with your album slated to drop in the spring, isn’t it about time the city received an official song, complete with a quote that we’ll have to Google to figure out what we’re even saying?