6 Ways To Scare Yourself In Preparation For Halloween


Halloween’s (literally) creeping up on us, and if you can’t wait until the 31st, here are some spooktacular ways to scare yourself before Halloween.

Buy some old horror comics
Horror comics were extremely popular in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Hit up your local used book store and get some vintage comics. The covers are ghastly and the stories can be really twisted.


Play with a scary video game with all the lights off
or, alternatively, watch a video of someone playing a scary video game. YouTube search a gameplay video of a spooky game like Five Nights At Freddy’s or Silent Hill. Turn off all the lights and watch it in the middle of the night.


Re-watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
If you love CanCon and young Jay Baruchel, then fire up old episodes of AYAOTD?. Another option is to just watch the opening credits, which is scarier than pretty much every season of American Horror Story.


Play with a Ouija board
Connect with the other side by harnessing the powers of a Ouija board. Talk to the dead and connect with the spirit world. But be sure to consult instructions to avoid negative ghosts and energies.


Read Reddit scary stories
If you really want to creep yourself out and not sleep all night, head over to Reddit’s r/NoSleep threads or scroll through their famous “Two Sentence Horror Stories” discussion.


Visit a supposed haunted place
This is only for the brave of heart. If you REALLY need a good scare before Halloween, look up some supposed haunted places in your city. If you’re looking to ghost hunt in Toronto, try the Keg Mansion or Fort York.