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7 Funky Hats Pharrell Should Rock On His Birthday


Today is Pharrell Williams birthday. The now 43-year old is still going strong. He produces, raps, sings, writes… he does everything. Except age.

In January of 2014, Pharrell made waves all over the Internet because of his rather interesting headgear choice for the 56th Grammy Awards. The hat of choice could only be described with comparisons. It kind of resembled the Arby’s logo. It kind of looked like a hat that a member of the RCMP would wear. The hat spawned countless memes, and somebody even made a Twitter account for it. Pharrell liked it so much he even brought it out again and again, even with different colours.

So to celebrate the birthday of the legendary N*E*R*D front man, we decided to have some fun and see what Pharrell would look like with some other funky, strange, and creative hats that only he could pull off.


When he’s not shredding the beats, he could be shredding the streets. After all, his nickname is Skateboard P.


Imagine if Pharrell hopped on the bucket hat bandwagon in 2014? Schoolboy Q collaboration anyone?


Pharrell may not have been at the JUNOs in Calgary last weekend, but if he was, we’d be disappointed if this wasn’t his first choice of headgear.


He should wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.


The perfect hat for Droppin’ It Like It’s Caliente.


Now you’ll never have to imagine what Pharrell would look like if he had a meninist phase. #M’Lady.


It has been 10 years since Pharrell produced a track on Drake’s first mixtape, Room For Improvement, but that doesn’t mean he can’t rep the OVO owl for the six side.


Let’s be honest, it was probably Ravenclaw.


For the man who never ages.


Happy 18th 43rd birthday, Pharrell!