7 Reasons Why Another Period Is Our New Fave Show


Wed, June, 24 by


Last night marked the premiere of our new favourite TV show, Another Period. Much like our other Much faves, Drunk History and Garfunkel and Oates (some players from those two shows work on this show now), Another Period is an absurd comedy that is already winning over critics.

The show is based in Newport in 1902 and it follows the Bellacourt family, who strives to climb the social ladder and is given the opportunity when their two “best friends” die of Tuberculosis. Rolling Stone has described this outlandish new comedy as “Downton Abbey Meets Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, which we think is pretty spot-on. In a good way. Here, let us break down the top seven reasons why you absolutely must watch this hot new show.

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1. Natasha Leggero is comedic gold
Whether you’re familiar with Leggero’s confident brand of comedy or if you just know her as the girl from Justin Bieber’s roast, you’ll absolutely love her in Another Period. As a co-creator of the show, Leggero really nails the show’s combination of Downton Abbey elegance and Keeping Up With The Kardashian absurdity. As one of the show’s lead characters, Lillian Bellacourt shamelessly chases fame and is the ultimate 1900s mean girl. Every time the camera catches her being mean to her many servants, you can’t help but feel equal amounts of disgust for her character but charm from Leggero.


2. Riki Lindhome is amazing in everything she’s in
You may remember Lindhome from her previous show, Garfunkel and Oates, and if you loved her on that show, you’ll find her just as hilarious on Another Period. Lindhome, who is also a co-creator, plays Leggero’s sister, Beatrice Bellacourt. Beatrice is, well, a little less bright than her sister, but she’s just as fame-hungry (and is having a secret affair with brother, Frederick!). Together, Leggero and Lindhome are unstoppable on this show and everyone who tends to Lillian and Beatrice should rightfully fear them.


3. The entire cast is fantastic.
Jason Ritter, Beth Dover, Michael Ian Black, Paget Brewster — the entire cast is phenomenal. But the best performance so far comes from Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. Known for her dramatic chops, Hendricks’ comedic turn is totally worth tuning in for. She plays the newest servant to the Bellacourt family, but there’s more to her story than just being a helper. (You’ll just have to watch the Pilot to see the shocking reveal!) And that’s not all: keep your eyes peeled for even more famous guest stars to show up throughout the season including cameos by Jack Black and Ben Stiller!


4. The show’s theme song is by Snoop Dogg
When you think of what Rhode Island socialites might’ve listened to back in 1902, your first thought (heck, your fiftieth thought) probably wouldn’t be rapper Snoop Dogg. But that’s what makes the contrasting hip hop theme song for Another Period so incredible. Dogg’s smooth-talking opening number connects less with the historical accuracy of the show, but it definitely aligns with the current, opulent style of reality TV shows (think Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills). So in that sense, Snoop Dogg is the perfect choice for an extravagant theme song.


5. Leggero and Lindhome did their research
Once Leggero and Lindhome decided on the premise of Another Period, the two headed to Newport and did some heavy research on life in 1900s Rhode Island society. Many of the absurd things you see on the show look crazy now, but is actually pretty accurate.


6. What other show would put a cocaine wine party in its pilot episode?
The answer is no other show. We don’t condone cocaine wine parties, but boy did this look fun.


7. And technically this has nothing to do with the show but…THIS IS UH-MAZING.