7 Things Adults Miss The Most About School


Thu, August, 28 by

1. Back to school shopping
Ah, back to school shopping. The thrilling trip to Staples where you embrace the smell of new binders and the sharpness of new pencils. The ultimate shopping spree! Also, remember these magical commercials?

2. Owning binders and pencil cases
Those things are completely useless after you leave school.

3. Planning your first-day-of-school outfit
It was like a special occasion similar to prom or your birthday. Nowadays, we just roll out of bed and go outside in whatever.

4. Catching up with your friends
Whether you were in the same classes or not, you would get a chance to catch up with all of your friends at school and see what exciting things everyone did that summer. After you graduate, keeping up with your friends is much harder than keeping up with the Kardashians. Friendship takes effort! Why did no one tell us this in school!!

5. Seeing your crush in the hallway
School is the only place in life where you will ever get to see your crush on a regular basis (unless you have a work crush). In the real world, there are no hallways where you can run into crushes every day. In fact, without school, where do adults find crushes?

6. Having a schedule
You may complain about not having the same math class as your BFF now, but when you’re out of school no one makes your schedule for you anymore. It may feel freeing at first, but then it will hit you that you need to build a new routine and let’s face it, new things are scary.

7. Still having a life that doesn’t revolve around the crippling fear of finding gainful employment and supporting yourself for the rest of your life using the skills you may or may not have acquired from school. HELP US.