7 Things You Should Do Before Heading Back To School


Mon, August, 17 by


It may not feel like the end of summer just yet, but for many students heading back to school in September, their days are limited. Okay, that sounded more doom-and-gloom than I had intended.

As thoughts of back to school shopping begin to enter your mind, we want to make sure that you’ve really made the most of your sweaty days off.

Here’s a little checklist of things you should really do before spending your days trapped inside classrooms again (albeit most of those classrooms will have sweet, sweet air conditioning so it’s not that bad).

1. Go swimming

The outdoors can be your enemy in the summertime, but there is one really great way to cope with the heat while still breathing fresh, non-air-conditioned air: swimming! Some of us totally forget that this is the season to dip your toes in some refreshingly cool pool water (or the beach, if you’re near one) because we’re too busy beating the heat with a pint of ice cream and a backlog of TV shows to watch. Swimming is one of the only forms of fun exercise there is so take advantage of your pool days before it’s too late!

Number One

2. Enjoy music outdoors

Music festival season may be dying down but, depending on where you live, there may be a few festivals still on its way. Whether it’s a street fair with some musicians playing in the background or your very own private BBQ party featuring a personally curated playlist, take this time to enjoy the biggest songs of the summer they way they were intended to be heard: blasting through speakers on a beautiful sunny day.

Number Two (1)

3. Spend as much time with your besties as possible

As soon as school kicks in, you may be too busy with school assignments and studying to see your pals on a regular basis. Take advantage of all this free time now to squeeze in all your hangouts with your friends before they become a Facebook chat window living on your computer. Bonus: creating summer memories with your closest friends in the form of pictures or souvenirs from your adventures can act as the ultimate decor for your dorm/bedroom! Print out those Instagram selfies and stick them on your wall to look at for those really stressful days.

Number Three

4. Go on a trip

To build on the last two points, try and fit in one last trip with your friends, family or significant other before you head back to school. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate trip; plan a small road trip or weekend getaway, perhaps to a nearby event or festival you want to check out or even just to a spot in your city or town that you’ve been meaning to hit up all summer.

Number Four

5. Finish that TV show you’ve been binge-watching

Again, you may not have time to tackle your fave shows when you’re supposed to be writing 10-page essays so complete or fully catch up with your TV shows now and reward yourself with a new show or an entire backlog of episodes to watch once you’ve finished your exams or reach Thanksgiving weekend!

Number Five

6. Watch all of the summer blockbusters

Chances are, it’ll be a talking point for classmates when you return to school so catch up on the latest Mission: Impossible film, Ant-Man and, if you really want to try, Fantastic Flop…er, Fantastic Four. Plus, theatres provide a nice respite from the heat with air-conditioning that you don’t have to pay for! (That point is especially appreciative to those who have to foot the bill at home.)

Number Six

7. Be spontaneous and have fun!

The thought of school can be stressful and, heck, you may forget the meaning of fun when your juggling a bajillion courses, trying to stay on top of all your readings and a person you’ve been assigned to in a group assignment disappears and threatens to flunk the assignment. (What? That hasn’t happened to you before?) Anyway, point is: before you go back to that hectic mind space, embrace your stress-free summer days and be sure to have fun. Be spontaneous and do things you want to do, even if you’re too scared to do them, because spontaneity is not necessarily part of your school vocabulary, but it is essential to having fun in life so never miss out on an opportunity to seize the day, YOLO (is that still a thing?), hakuna matata, or whatever silly motivation mantra you want to apply your amazing life!

Number Seven