7 White Guys Have Already Played James Bond — Should An Eighth?


Sean Connery. George Lazenby. David Niven. Roger Moore. Timothy Dalton. Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig. We know what you’re thinking: they’re all guys who’ve had the distinct privilege (the fast cars! the gorgeous women! the unending stream of martinis/Heinekens!) of playing MI6’s top agent, 007. But they’ve also got something else in common: they’re all white and they’re all dudes. Maybe, in the 21st century, it’s time to stir, sorry, shake things up? How about a female Bond, a black Bond, or a gay Bond?

The latest Bond film, Spectre, hits theatres November 6 and the film’s star is saying he’ll hold tight to the role for as long as he’s “physically able” to. But word is that the franchise’s producers have already chosen a successor: Homeland’s Damian Lewis. (Aside: is anyone else shocked to find out that Lewis is British?!) If he scores the role, it’ll make him number eight — both the eighth Bond and the eighth white guy. Zzzz… But nothing’s official yet — which means we can still dream. And so dear 007 powers that be, we give you our list of suggestions (read: demands) for the next Bond:

Idris Elba
There was a time, before Lewis’ name topped the list of possible replacements for Daniel Craig, that Elba appeared to be the frontrunner for the job. We’d like to go back to that time. If Elba doesn’t get to be Bond, then we’re going to have to insist on Heimdall getting a standalone Marvel movie.


Hayley Atwell
The trailblazing Agent Carter actor has already said that she wants the job — if she can’t play the Thirteenth Doctor, that is.


Ben Affleck
Just kidding! Moving on…


Chiwetel Ejiofor
Anyone who’s come across a still of Ejiofor in his upcoming movie The Martian knows that this guy can really wear a suit — an important qualification for those looking to be Bond. Oh, and he’s an Oscar-nominated actor too. Y’know, if you care about that stuff.


Tom Hiddleston
Yes, he’s white. Yes, he’s a man. But but but! He’s TOM HIDDLESTON. No one could be mad about this choice.

Helen Mirren
If you’ve seen the 70-year-old Mirren in Red and its sequel, then you know she’s no stranger to gun-wielding and ass-kicking. And if you’re thinking, “Wow, Dame Helen would have made a killer Bond girl back in the day!” let us assure you that she’d make a killer Bond, too. Any day.


Daniel Dae Kim
Whether in a supporting role or as part of a huge ensemble cast, Daniel Dae Kim always manages to steal the show. How psyched were you to see the South Korean Lost actor pop up in the latest Divergent series movie? It’s about time we had a Bond with cheekbones like Kim’s.


Idris Elba
Like, come on already!


By Corrina Allen