7 Winter Style Lessons We Can All Learn From Taylor Swift


Tue, January, 6 by

As the temperature continues to drop, we are faced with a little dilemma: how can we stay both warm and stylish without looking like an puffed up marshmallow? It’s easy to feel weighed down by layers and bulked up with knitwear during this time so we’ve decided to take a few style cues from our fave Taylor Swift this winter. Take a look below and see the top seven style tips that we can all learn from Taylor:

Miniskirts and dresses are totally okay as long as you layer up with all of the stockings/leggings.

Winter is drab, but your wardrobe doesn’t have to be! Stand out by always incorporating some bright colours into your look.

Also, have fun with patterns!

Comfortable sweaters are a must.

Earmuffs are both practical and cute.

But if earmuffs are not for you, try a classic beanie!

And no matter what, never forget a warm knitted scarf!