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8 Apps To Help You Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Earth Apps

Today is Earth Day and that means there’s no better time to green your life. Aside from the three R’s of recycle, reduce and reuse that we have been practicing since elementary school, there are tons of fun and easy ways to make sure you’re doing as much as you can to make the world a better place.

Making your life more eco-friendly may feel like a daunting task at first, but don’t worry – there’s an app for that! Actually, there’s quite a few. We rounded up the best eco-friendly apps to help you celebrate Earth Day today and all year round.

1. Ecoviate

Ecoviate is a great app that helps you make every facet of your life more eco-friendly. From recommending water conserving products to reminding you when a local farmer’s market is coming to your neighborhood, Ecoviate makes going green fun by assigning points and giving you a leader board to interact with along with your friends.


2. GoodGuide

Want to switch from your usual brand to a new healthy, ethical company, but not sure where to start? GoodGuide is like Amazon for the environmentally conscious, providing reviews on different products and even allowing users the ability to scan barcodes in the store and quickly look up the product rating. GoodGuide lets you create a personal profile and recommend products based on what issues are most important to you.


3. Oroeco

Ever wonder what your carbon footprint is from actions like driving versus taking the bus, ordering take-out verses making food at home, or buying locally versus internationally? With Oroeco, users can input these activities and find out what your carbon footprint is and how they can reduce it.


4. VSCO Earth Day

Give your images a beautiful makeover with VSCO’s limited edition World Wildlife Foundation filters. Until April 24, you can download the limited edition filters with 100% of the proceeds going to the WWF. Look good and save the world the same time.


5. Recolor – Coloring Book For Adults

Love unwinding with the latest craze of adult coloring books? Save some paper and download Recolor, the new app that lets you colour on your phone.


6. UberShare or RideShare

Looking for an inexpensive way to get around town and save some money? You could try UberShare or RideShare and make some friends while reducing your carbon footprint.


7. EcoChallenge

It can be difficult to really understand how much waste you’re producing everyday if you’re not tracking yourself. Thanks to EcoChallenge, you can challenge yourself to reduce your carbon footprint doing things like cooking for friends using local produce and switching your plastic water bottle for a reusable option. The app gives statistics on how much waste we produce from everyday activities and provides ideas on how to make your life greener.


8. Earth Day Guide

What better way to learn about Earth Day then from the people who created it? The Earth Day Guide covers the history of Earth Day, some inspiration for going green, tips for how to make your life more eco friendly, podcasts from Earth Day specialists, news about Earth Day events in your area and more!

Earth Day

BONUS! SimCity BuildIt

Have fun building a world that is full of dolphins, whales, pandas and more in the Earth Day edition of SimCity! Support the WWF and play on your phone at the same time.