8 Celeb Siblings Who Deserve The Spotlight


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Talent often runs in the family when you’re in show business but not everyone is an A-list actor or world-touring musician. Instead, the following eight celeb siblings have opted for other, equally amazing jobs in fields such as photography, modelling, make up, and even race car driving! Take a look below and see eight siblings who totally deserve their very own spotlight.

Chuck Grant
Sibling of: Lana Del Rey

Born Caroline Grant, ultra-cool singer Lana Del Rey’s equally cool sister Chuck (yes, that can be a girl name) is a photographer who has shot for some of biggest publications out there. Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, New York Magazine and Vanity Fair, and her subjects have included Ashley Benson, Dakota Fanning, Michael B. Jordan, Nikki Lane and, yes, her older sis Lana.


Kayleen McAdams
Sibling of: Rachel McAdams

Some of you might’ve seen pics of actress Rachel McAdams performing maid of honour duties recently at her sister Kayleen’s wedding and while Kayleen may not be as recognizable as Rachel (though they look really similar), she does have a job in Hollywood that’s totally glamourous. Kayleen is an L.A.-based makeup artist who has worked on everyone’s gorgeous face, from Zooey Deschanel to Sofia Vergara!


Alex Watson
Sibling of: Emma Watson

Although he wasn’t a main character in the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson’s little brother Alex did make a short cameo in it — twice! But instead of pursuing acting, Alex is currently modelling for brands like Burberry and Silhouette.


Tom Franco
Sibling of: James and Dave Franco

Yes, there is a third Franco brother, and is it just us or does he look like he could also be the brother of Adam Driver? Tom has made small cameos in a few movies, but his main focus is art. He is the founder of California’s Firehouse Art Collective and he extends his work to include painting, directing, illustrations and sculpture.


Sofia Richie
Sibling of: Nicole Ritchie

If you think Nicole Ritchie is a style icon, we highly encourage you to check out younger sis Sofia’s beautifully curated Tumblr page. The rising model and stylish teen has been slowly getting the attention of fashion mags everywhere, appearing in Elle, Elle Girl Japan, Unleash’d Magazine and most recently, the cover of ASOS.


Griffin Steinfeld
Sibling of: Hailee Steinfeld

According to Twitter, this is Griffin Steinfeld’s official title: “Professional brother and NASCAR driver.” We don’t know what’s more amazing, the fact that he’s a NASCAR driver or a “professional brother”. And he really is a professional! Griffin not only uses his Twitter to promote himself, but he will often post pics of his sis, her magazine covers and occasionally attend cool events with her like this year’s MTV Movie Awards!


James Grint
Sibling of: Rupert Grint

Speaking of racers, Rupert Grint’s brother is also a race car driver in Euro RX!


Warren Elgort
Sibling of: Ansel Elgort

Instead of being in front of the cameras, Ansel Elgort’s brother Warren is behind them. The film writer and director has made two shorts and in 2013, he co-founded a production company called Angler Films.