8 Characters Who Fell In Love With Technology

Tue, March, 1 by Katie Coombes


In the digital age we’ve become so accustomed to, it’s not unusual to find we have a better relationship with our cellphones than we do with our significant other.

If you spend more time with technology than you do with humans, chances are you’ll be able to relate to these 8 characters.

1. Plankton and Karen in Spongebob Squarepants

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Plankton, the little sea creature in Spongebob Squarepants that we love to hate is in love with the main computer in his lab. Her name is Karen and she is described as Plankton’s W.I.F.E (Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph).

2. Roscoe and Loretta in Pixel Perfect


It’s easy enough to fall in love with a superstar, but a sentient, autonomous humanoid hologram? That’s another story. We wonder if Phil (Ricky Ullman) ever saw an artificial intelligence in his future? Cause Roscoe definitely did.

3. Theodore and Samantha in Her


In this heartbreaking romance very fitting for the 21st century, Theo falls in love with the operating system on his phone. Why can’t Siri love us like Samantha loves Theo? Or at least understand us when we ask her to tell us the weather?

4. Caleb and Ava in Ex Machina


Unfortunately this relationship was a bit one sided. Caleb falls madly for Ava but by the end she reminds us that she is not human, just a machine and therefore does not have emotion herself. Caleb learned that lesson the hard way.

5. Fry and Lucy Liu-bot in Futurama


We would fall in love with anything that resembled Lucy Liu, even if she were a robot. It also helped that she was programmed to like Fry. But in the end, like most human x AI romances, it didn’t work out.

6. Gene and the high-tech toilet in Bob’s Burgers


There’s nothing like the love a man shares with his toilet. Going gaga for a restroom fixture might be strange, but we understand the sentiment every time we use a fancy bathroom in an international airport.

7. Andrew and Little Miss in Bicentennial Man


Although he is eventually turned human (you have to watch the movie to understand) Little Miss falls for Andrew while he is still a robot. What’s’ weirder—falling in love you with a robot or falling in love with a man/robot who took care of you as a child?

8. Lars and Bianca in Lars And The Real Girl


While a Real Doll isn’t technically a robot, Bianca is definitely more machine than man. In this film, Lars falls in love with a life-sized and very realistic adult-entertainment doll. This just proves that life in plastic is fantastic.