8 Coachella Style Lessons We Can Learn From Vanessa Hudgens


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The first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off in two days and if you’re not stressing over the just-released schedule, you’re definitely busy figuring out your Instagram-perfect outfits. Music festival fashion is probably the most important non-musical part of these summer events and something that you can completely customize to reflect your style personality. Someone who knows all too well about festival fashions, especially at Coachella, is annual attendee Vanessa Hudgens.

Today, Hudgens shared some of her “Coachella Musts” on her Tumblr page in preparation for the big weekend. In it, she gives some pretty great, general tips on taking risks, but also packing for the weather. She writes:

While you are out shopping, remember to take risks! Be that girl you swoon over. Be the girl you want to be. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Go for it. Print on print, big head piece, sequin, show some skin… Whatever you fantasize about. Go for it!!!!!

+SIDE NOTE+ Be prepared for the weather. It’s hot during the day and cool at night. I normally pack a pair of leggings and a jacket or thick kimono to throw on. Nothing fun about being cold. Also bring a fun printed scarf! You can sit on it, wear on your head or drape over you when it gets chilly. And God forbid … if the dust storm comes, wrap it around your face!! Xx

We’d like to add that the head piece part is probably not the best idea…but the rest are great! Below are 8 more specific style lessons we’ve learned from Hudgens’ past Coachella looks. Can’t wait to see what stylish outfits everyone sports this year!

1. Floral crowns are the official hair accessory of music festivals
Hudgens is the embodiment of “flower power” at Coachella. Literally speaking, too: Hudgens has sported floral crowns a few times at Coachella and while it may be too much for an everyday look, it’s tailor-made for the festival fields.


2. Pile on the jewelry
You’re already wearing wristbands for the festival so why not run with it and pile on as many bracelets and bangles as possible! And while you’re at it, throw on some statement necklaces! Seriously, there’s no other place to take accessorizing to the extreme.


3. Have fun with colours and patterns
You’re out in the sun, in a bright green field, so why not take a chance and go bright, bright, bright with your outfit! Stand out from the giant crowds by having fun with colours and patterns.


4. That goes for your hair too
Not brave enough to go permanent with that pink hair dye? Slap on some temporary hair dye for your festival adventures!


5. Get shady
No one wants to have a heat stroke, so it’s important to do two things: keep hydrated and make sure you’ve got some shade. And what’s a stylish way to get shade? A big hat and sunglasses!


6. Practicality first when it comes to footwear
Yes, shoes complete the look, but make sure they’re also functional! That means ditch the platforms and heels and find a cute pair of boots or sandals instead — they exist!


7. Bring a light jacket for the nighttime
Coachella is an all-day festival, as are most, so make sure you bring a light jacket, kimono or something to cover up at night when the temperature drops!


8. Pack it all up in a backpack
You don’t need a giant one, but a backpack ensures that you can carry all your belongings, look cute, and have a hands-free good time!


Now go and have a stylish and fun time at Coachella!