8 Video Game Inspired Music Videos That We Can Play All Day

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Music videos entertain us by pairing exciting visuals to a song we love. Video games entertain us by constantly keeping us on our toes. Our question is: why keep them separate? Here at Much we have equal love for both! So we decided to list some of our favourite artists that managed to capture the best of gaming and music. And for the record, yes we do wish we could play most of these.

Take a look at all these wicked video game inspired music videos!

Sia – You’ve Changed
Before she was represented by Maddie Ziegler she actually used to be in her own videos. Weird, right? Channeling the gameplay from Rock Star and the customization features of The Sims it’s no surprise this video was a first pick on our list. Oh and big shout out to Sia Games; you guys never disappoint.

Pato Pooh feat. Adam Tensta – Follow Me
Director Maceo Frost deserves some serious credit for this one. Just TRY to keep up with all those Nintendo references. We lost count after four…

Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight
Nothing’s better that a music video with arcade games…unless those arcade games include 8-bit versions of Tokyo Police Club! Filmed at Toronto’s very own Get Well this video features some interesting twists on all our classic favourites. Why play Tetris with regular ole blocks when you can use band gear instead?!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californiacation
Time for a bit of a throwback. In case you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live as a member of the Chili Peppers for a day, here’s your chance. Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most accurate, but with elements of GTA, and just about every N64 trick game, it certainly is the most fun. P.S. Anthony Kiedis, circa 2000, is still a dream boat.

Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart
FIFA gets weird in this unusual Hot Chip video. As if the game wasn’t already competitive enough, try imagining the rules with a spontaneous dance battle and what looks like giant space lips? Certainly didn’t see that play coming. Ref?

Architecture In Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind
Thanks to indie-rockers Architecture in Helsinki and a bunch of adorable pixel buddies we now officially have the cutest video on the internet. Complete with GBA graphics and a brief Pacman cameo at the end, this music video is chock-full of nostalgia. Plus that drumming koi fish is seriously what dreams are made of.

Blur- Ong Ong
What do you get when you take the love child of Kirby and Pacman and throw it into a video game? A new music video for Blur of course! Complete with strange bug bosses, rainbows and loads of candy this video probably couldn’t get any better. Wait, is that Damon Albarn in an ice cream costume?! Okay, we stand corrected.

Das Racist – Who’s That? Brooown!
Things do not get more retro than this. Not only does the video make several references to the early NES days but it also summarizes pretty much every platform game from that time. In other words, there’s a lot of jumping.