9 Actors Who Terrified Us In The Original Goosebumps

Goosebumps Gosling Main

Just in time for Halloween this October, we’re getting a brand new film to scare us into eating all the candy we can carry. That’s what everyone does when they’re scared, right?

The Goosebumps film, starring Jack Black as author R.L. Stine, brings all the famous writer’s terrifying characters to life.

For anyone that spent sleepless nights trying to convince themselves that everyone in their town would not be turned into zombies, your childhood nightmares have returned.

Thanks to the huge success of the Goosebumps book series, the late 90s featured a TV series to also test the limits of fan’s bladders (it’s really difficult to socially recover after wetting yourself at a sleep over…happened to a friend of ours).

Shot mostly in Toronto, the TV series featured some of today’s most recognizable faces. Tried to forget them along with your fear of clowns? Time to face your fears in this list of really good-looking people.

Hayden Christensen
Episode: Night Of The Living Dummy III Parts 1 & 2
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: When Christensen’s character Zane kicks a dummy and it comes to life and kicks him back.
Best Known For: Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes II, III and IV


Scott Speedman
Episode: Say Cheese And Die
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: When an old camera is found by a bunch of kids, they realize it can predict future disasters.
Best Known For: The Vow and breaking Felicity’s heart


Daniel DeSanto
Episode: Return of the Mummy
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: DeSanto’s character Gabe brings a mummified Prince back to life. As expected, this doesn’t end well.
Best Known For: Not calling Gretchen back in Mean Girls


Adam West
Episode: Attack of the Mutant
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: A kid goes to the orthodontist. Wait, there’s more to fear! Then he sees his favourite comic book villain’s headquarters and stuff gets even scarier.
Best Known For: Being freaking Batman


Blake McGrath
Episode: Stay Out Of The Basement Part 1 & 2
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: A father goes missing and the results are way too terrifying for a kids show.
Best Known For: Judge on So You Think You Can Dance Canada


Laura Vandervoort
Episode: Deep Trouble Part 1 & 2
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: Something terrible is found lurking below the sea in the Caribbean. Everyone out of the water!
Best Known For: Smallville and Bitten


Kevin Zegers
Episode: Let’s Get Invisible!
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: A mirror that turns people invisible has a dark side…no kidding.
Best Known For: The Mortal City: Instruments of Bones


Colin Mochrie
Episode: Bad Hare Day
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: An evil rabbit attacks a magic-loving kid.
Best Known For: Whose Line Is It Anyways


Ryan Gosling
Episode: Say Cheese And Die
Scariest Goosebumps Moment: Nothing can scare us away from Ryan Gosling.
Best Known For: The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, our fantasies…