9 Examples of When Garfield’s Halloween Adventure was Terrifying

Halloween is right around the corner and that means our favourite shows are releasing fun new Halloween episodes (check out Pretty Little Liars brand new Halloween episode here on M3). In addition to new Halloween episodes, we also have a special place in our hearts for shows of Halloween past.

One Halloween episode that has literally haunted me from a young age was Garfield’s Halloween Adventure. For one night each year, Garfield the cat took a break from his usual mischief making schemes with his buddy Odie to go on a blood curdling adventure. Here are nine examples of when Garfield’s Halloween Adventure was actually terrifying.

1. The Intro
Garfield’s Halloween Adventure begins on the happiest of happy notes. A fun jazz number! Nothing bad happens after a fun jazz number! Time to let your guard down and relax in front of the TV for a half hour of Garfield and Odie getting into all sorts of shenangians. Hahahahahahayouhavenoideawhatscomingforyou.

2. Garfield Is Just Like Us!
Yay Halloween! Yay free candy! Yay getting to walk around after dark! It’s the best night of the year, the one you’ve been waiting 364 days for and it’s finally here! Forget Christmas and New Year’s and any other holiday. Halloween is the best! Halloween is the time to stick to your neighborhood and not steal rowboats and throw the oars in the water and wash up on the shore in front of some haunted house. Your guard is sooooo down right now.

3. That Damn Binky The Clown
If you were afraid of clowns, being woken abruptly, and/or exercise, Binky The Clown was and is your nightmare.

4. What Should I Be?
Garfield’s performance of What Should I Be? is probably the least scary segment of the whole episode, but even Garfield’s costumes are kinda terrifying. The alien costume? Scurry. My brother used to sing this song at the end of the episode to help calm me down after I made him turn all the lights on in the house. He can still perform What Should I Be? complete with a dance on demand. It’s a great party trick. I’m glad some good came out of my childhood nightmare maker.

5. The Other Trick or Treaters
All of the costumes Garfield and Odie encountered on their way to go trick or treating were legitimately scary. A monster under a sheet? A terrifying troll man wearing a mask of his own face? An actual ghost?! Where were the other children, or at least the other cats and dogs? What kind of neighborhood is this?

6. Garfield’s Costume
How did Garfield go from two legs to one working leg and a peg leg? Where was his second leg?!

7. The Music
What’s an insomniac-making children’s classic without ominous musical accompaniment?

8. The Rowboat
That damn cat couldn’t be happy with having two huge bags of candy and had to steal a rowboat, only to confuse that damn dog, who drops the oars overboard, causing the two trick or treaters to wash up on the shore in front of a haunted mansion. By this point in the special my fear often turned to anger. Where was Jon? Why were they allowed out at Halloween unsupervised? Why do darkness and water always equal pure terror? Why couldn’t Garfield put down his lasagna fork for one day and learn how to swim so they could just head back to shore already? Pure anger.

9. Old Man and the Pirate Ghosts
As if drifting through dark waters on Halloween wasn’t scary enough, Garfield and Odie end up meeting a man who, by my math, was 110 years old. He proceeds to tell them a terrifying story that involves pirates, a blood oath, buried treasure, and really bad timing on Garfield and Odie’s part. AND THEN THE GHOSTS OF THE FREAKING DEAD PIRATES COME OUT OF THE FREAKING WATER AT MIDNIGHT. Legit terrifying.