9 Memes You Can Dress Up As This Halloween


The most clever costumes are always ones that are timely and hilarious, so what better way to impress your friends this Halloween than by dressing up as an Internet meme? Here are nine super easy memes you can wear.

1. None Of My Business Kermit
Costume requirements: frog suit, cup of tea, sassy attitude


2. Why You Always Lyin’
Costume requirements: unbuttoned blue shirt, toliet in backyard, ability to say “mmmmmmmmmohmygod”

3. Netflix And Chill
Costume requirements: red shirt, bag of ice, permanent sly look on your face


4. Miley What’s Good?
Costume requirements: a Nicki costume, death stare and a savage attitude


5. Confused Nick Young
Costume requirements: white t-shirt, question marks above your shoulders


6. Pepe
Costume requirements: frog suit, a sad expression and a really ripped torso


7. Kanye Smiling For One Second
Costume requirements: strong will and dedication to never being caught smiling for more than one second


8. B*tch I Know Guac Is Extra
Costume requirements: white golf shirt, cash, copious amounts of guacamole


9. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
Costume requirements: fake big lips a la Miranda Sings, the stomach to actually sit through a Kylie Jenner lip challenge video