9 Of The Biggest Questions We Have About The Oscar Nominations


Thu, January, 15 by

This morning, Hollywood woke up early to announce the big Oscar nominations and while there were its fair share of pleasant surprises (Grand Budapest Hotel! Whiplash!) and snubs (read below), we did leave with quite a few questions about the whole thing. Below are nine very important questions we have about the Oscar nominations and if someone from the Academy Awards can answer us, that would be incredible.

Check out the full list of nominees here!

1. Why does Hollywood hate Lego?
First, The Lego Movie got snubbed at the Golden Globes for Best Animated Film and now the Oscars? Come on, Hollywood. What is your weird vendetta against this beloved children’s toy? Were you robbed of Lego in your childhood? Either way, the immediate outrage on social media (it is the highest trending topic right below the general Oscars tag right now) makes it pretty clear that Oscars messed up big time on this one. Thankfully, director Phil Lord has corrected this by creating his own Oscar statue…out of Lego! See? WINNING.

2. Who is “Dick Poop”?
While announcing the nominees for Best Cinematography, Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs fumbled the name of nominee Dick Pope instead calling him “Dick Poop”. What ensued were, as you can guess, all of the poop jokes the internet can take. Oops! Well, at least Dick Pope is popular now and this will hopefully get people interested in the incredible movie he was a part of, Mr. Turner!

3. Is The Judge actually a good movie?
This Robert Downie Jr. film got absolutely no other nominationS so what the Oscars are telling us is that basically Duvall (who is nominated for Actor in a Supporting Role) is the only thing that carried this film. And if that’s the truth, then why should we bother watching it? Is the movie itself any good then? This question also applies to other one-nomination movies like Gone Girl (which we can actually back up because we saw that one. It’s good. Go see it.)

4. Does Meryl Streep just get automatic nominations?
Vulture said it best in their article: “Well Deserved, or Just Because It’s Her?” Don’t get us wrong, we worship Meryl Streep, but she doesn’t need to get nominated for everything she’s ever been in and her latest nod for Actress in a Supporting Role for Into The Woods feels hella unnecessary.

5. Are voters secretly fans of New Radicals?
A pleasant surprise in the Best Original Song category was Begin Again‘s Lost Stars, a song written by ex-New Radicals frontman Gregg Alexander (as well as Danielle Brisebois) and we can’t help but get excited at the thought of people (in this case, Oscar voters) appreciating the genius of Gregg Alexander. Not only because You Get What You Give is just an absolute classic, but Alexander’s resume stretches way beyond that and we recommend you dig through his biggest achievements now. Another note, re: Best Original Song category, GO SEE BEYOND THE LIGHTS NOW. NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE SAW THAT MOVIE AND IT IS A DAMN BRILLIANT FILM.

6. Did they SEE Selma?
Look, I can go on for hours, days, FOREVER, about Selma and why it is one of the most important films in recent history, but I’ll keep this short: it deserved more nominations (like, all of them), Ava DuVernay deserved a director nod, YOU CAN’T TELL ME THAT AMERICAN SNIPER WAS A BETTER FILM, YOU JUST CAN’T. And speaking of which…

Surely there are people who like this film (clearly all of the Oscar voters), but we have heard our fair share of bad reviews and, well, we just don’t get it. Somewhere between Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood and the very high-powered publicists behind this movie is a secret to Hollywood success that some of us may never know.

8. You know you can nominate up to 10 movies for Best Picture, right?
Did the Oscars honestly think that there were only eight films that were good enough for the Best Picture category? Like, didn’t we make the limit 10 for a reason? Really, you couldn’t have thought of TWO other nominees? Just look at the other categories you announced, geniuses.

9. Where are the women and people of colour and, well, diversity?
This is a serious problem and we’re not saying that the Oscars are racist or sexist, but…