9 Reasons You Can’t Miss Saturday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards

iHeartRadio 2016

The iHeartRadio Music Awards are airing this Saturday at 8E/5P on CTV and as far as award shows go, they’re about as celeb-packed as they come.

From Taylor Swift throwing shade to Meghan Trainor serving some serious dance moves, here’s why you won’t want to miss Saturday’s airing of the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

1. The Shade

Did Taylor Swift: a) shade Justin Bieber because of her bestie status with Selena Gomez b) shade Justin Bieber because of his dreadlocks c) feel thirsty and throwing shade at Justin Bieber was a happy coincidence or d) all of the above?

2. First Performances

Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Meghan Trainor all performed their latest singles for the first time at the iHeartRadio Awards, with Bieber’s performance even including a questionable new hairstyle.

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3. The Sighs

Find out what Calvin Harris, sorry, ‘Adam’, said to make Taylor Swift be like…


4. SoLo ZaYn

The 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards will now be remembered as the first time former One Direction member Zayn Malik performed at an award show as a solo act. And yeah, he killed it.


5. Dancing Derulo

iHeartRadio Music Awards host Jason Derulo knows what we want and what we want is to watch him dance and then try those moves alone in our bedrooms.


6. Iggy’s Ride

Iggy Azalea paid homage to her video for Team and performed her new single while being backed by a jet. Like, an actual freaking jet.

7. Demi Lovato and The Other Jonas

Demi Lovato has now started a recording company with Nick Jonas and planned a North American tour with the JoBro, so it shouldn’t be *that* surprising she’s on good terms with his brother Joe, who happens to be her ex. But singing together? Demi, you are giving us some serious ex-girlfriend goals.


8. JT + TS = Friends 4 Eva

There are a lot of Justin Timberlake/Taylor Swift moments during the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards and you don’t want to miss a single one.

Hero status, friend status, all time fav status. @justintimberlake thank you for absolutely everything.

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9. Red Carpet Steez

So much slaying packed into one night.