9 Things You Didn’t Know About Nathan For You’s Nathan Fielder

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Nathan For You is back with another uncomfortably hilarious season of questionable business models. Last night’s Season 3 premiere (watch here) had Nathan helping out a struggling electronics store. At least, that’s what he said he was doing.

From hiring pooping birds to build up business for a car wash to taking on coffee giant Starbucks, we never know what Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder is going to do or say next.

In a new interview with Vulture, Fielder sits down with one of his former writers, SNL actor Kyle Mooney. The candid conversation reveals Fielder’s love of magic, reality cooking shows, and more. Here’s what we learned about the businessman with the questionable plan.

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Season 3 of Nathan For You Will Be Different

“This season half of our episodes are actually full stories, where in previous seasons most episodes have two or three segments in them.”

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Not All Business Plans Make It To Air

“Every year we’ve thrown out probably two episodes’ worth of stuff just because it didn’t work out for some reason. There’s just a big X-factor all of the time when you’re dealing with these unpredictable situations. Sometimes an idea will seem good, but then the person won’t work out or you won’t get the right personality, and it just falls flat.”

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This Hour Has 22 Minutes Influenced Nathan For You

“I was working in Canada, and doing a show out there called This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and they hired me to do these interviews with real people. Before that time I had never done anything like that, and I was very, very nervous about it. You don’t see a lot of man-on-the-street stuff in the show. I don’t go up to people who are just, like, walking. That’s harder for me than something where the person knows we’re gonna come and shoot.”

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So Did Marketplace

“I actually initially pitched it as me being more of a consumer advocate. There’s a show in Canada called Marketplace that is this kind of newsmagazine consumer advocacy, and I initially modeled the show after that. But then we changed the show to be more about helping businesses because I didn’t want to do something about bad-talking businesses, even if they were doing something wrong. So Marketplace in Canada was an early influence, but also small-town news clips were my initial inspiration.”

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He Loves Gordon Ramsay

“Dude, he’s one of the best.”

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And Watching Kid’s YouTube Videos

“I had a collection of ones that I thought were just interesting people that I’ve seen throughout the years. They don’t have a lot of views — just people in the deep trenches of YouTube.”

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He Doesn’t Hang Out With Other Comedy Central People, But Is Open To It

“I mean, if people called me and said, “Hey, we’re just all hanging out this weekend, all of the people on Comedy Central. Do you want to come?” I would go.”

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He Has Favourite Magicians

“There’s a guy named Darren Brown who I actually think is really amazing. He’s a British hypnotist guy. And then David Blaine. His last special I really like.”

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He’s A Member of The Exclusive Magic Castle in LA and Kyle Mooney Doesn’t Get It

“Kyle, there’s just no point in talking about magic with you because you won’t get it. We should go to the Castle. I’m a member.”

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