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A ‘Blonde’ Song For Every Occasion


After years of waiting, Frank Ocean finally released new music – and he hasn’t let us down. Just a day after the singer dropped his visual third album Endless on Apple Music, he nearly gave fans a heart attack with another full-length. Early Saturday morning, Apple Music debuted the music video for “Nikes,” and only hours later, revealed it was actually the album opener off Blonde – the highly-anticipated new album we had originally thought would be titled Boys Don’t Cry.

As expected, Blonde is comprised of many layers. In fact, we think there’s a Blonde song for every occasion, so if you’re looking to soundtrack your life—just keep scrolling.

When You’re Feeling Nostalgic


Whether it’s because you just ran into your ex or your elementary school best friend, if you’re feeling nostalgic, Frank Ocean’s got you covered. Dwelling on the past and touching on the topic of first loves, “Ivy,” the second track on Blonde is about a failed relationship the singer had when he was younger.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption: “We didn’t give a fuck back then / I ain’t a kid no more / We’ll never be those kids again.”

When You’re Feeling Sad


So, it’s gloomy outside. The rain made you cancel your plans and you’ve decided to put your sadboy pants on and scribble melancholy thoughts in your notebook. Looking for a song to Tumblr? Well, that’s Ocean’s “Solo.” The fifth track on the album is jaded AF and has a double meaning. Interchangeably using the two meanings of “solo” and “so low,” one of the more obvious themes of the song is loneliness.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption:  “Inhale, in hell there’s heaven.”

When You’re Feeling Flirty


You close your locker door and BAM. You see him or her laughing with buddies and walking towards you. Your eyes widen as the two of you lock eyes. What’s the song that plays in your head as you fall in love? Ocean’s “Self Control.”

Acting as the first proper love song on the album, “Self Control” explores Ocean’s infatuation with someone who he’s attempting to woo. Ocean goes even further to question his intention—is he just blinded by infatuation, or does he actually care about this person?

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption:  “I, I, I / Know you gotta leave, leave, leave / Take down some summer time.”

When You’re Feeling Regretful


So, you just threatened to go crazy on your bae for liking a girl’s picture on Instagram. You’re feeling a little bad about your minor (read: major) freak out. What’s the song that you Say Anything outside his window to? Blonde‘s “Facebook Story.”

In the narrative, French producer Sebastian recalls the demise of his past relationship, caused by Facebook. Though not a song sung by Ocean, this carefully-placed narrative allows Blonde listeners to reflect on the silliness and paranoia that comes with falling in love in the digital age.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption: “I’m in front of you, I’m every day / Here in your house / That’s like jealousy / Pure jealousy for nothing.”

When You’re Feeling Content


You’re taking one last road trip with your significant other before school starts back up. You two are sitting in silence and bobbing your head to that new Rihanna song. You better savour the moment and turn that dial to Ocean’s “White Ferrari,” because the singer has got something to tell you.

With reference to The Beatles’ “Here, There And Everywhere,” “White Ferrari” is a song of content. Though it has sad, nostalgic undertones, ultimately, the song is about being content with a moment and a love that’s been taken for granted.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption: “I didn’t care to state the plain / Kept my mouth closed / We’re both so familiar.”

When You’re Feeling A Little Vulnerable


It’s your first day back on campus after a way too short summer. You walk into your lecture hall, see all of the faces that you managed to forget about all season, and it hits you: vulnerability (and disdain). Block out your annoying, irrelevant peers and turn your headphones all the way up to Ocean’s “Seigfried.”

Acting as one of the more vulnerable songs on Blonde, Ocean addresses bravery and cowardice. The singer goes into a detailed description of how he finds it difficult to relate to everyone around him, and how hard it is to stay true to himself.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption: “I’d rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here / Maybe I’m a fool / Maybe I should move.”

When You Need Some Humbling


You just got your dream internship at Much and now you’re feeling a little too Beyonce. Your friends are telling you that you need to grab yourself a slice of some humble pie. The song to munch to is Ocean’s “Futura Free.”

The final track on Blonde, this nine-minute, stream-of-consciousness narrative reflects on Ocean’s origins and what his life was like before the fame. “Futura Free” is Ocean’s way of reassuring his listeners that he’s adamant on staying true to himself.

Lyric to identify with/Use as an Instagram caption: “I should be paying y’all honest to God / I’m just a guy I’m not god.”